The Release of the Ego


Below are excerpts from “The Release of the Ego” by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira raa.  For the full article, please see:

“The process of the release of the ego is more easily seen in the level of attainment we call Ascension Awareness. (See the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening above).

As one lifts through the pyramid, which begins with Density Consciousness, and opens the space for spiritual awareness, the challenge of Spiritual Activism awaits. Spiritual Activism is a seductive stage along the path because it seeks to reconcile the experience of density with the spiritual truth of the formless.

Using spiritual principles and sophisticated belief systems, the individual consciousness finds a comfort level without truly releasing the illusion and thus ego retains control. It is simply the spiritualized ego.

In this stage of awakening, the ego has championed ones spiritual path and seeks to retain control of your consciousness by offering a context that finds peace in being ‘right’ or belonging to a better group. This is a form of entrapment and people can spend entire lifetimes here. Virtually all spiritual seekers will spend some time touching spiritual activism in one form or another; it is part of our journey of discernment.

As you stay committed to the journey, a crystallizing moment will come forward that will awaken you to the fact that Spiritual Activism is a polarizing energy that also carries denial and fear. At this recognition one has an opportunity to surrender into an authentic lift.

Releasing the need to control and trusting the Divine to lead is often felt as a death to the ego. Yet it is the very “valley of death” that must be transited in order to find the garden. Often chaos and loss seem to be our companions as we are releasing our defining attachments. The Void is very real and it is a sign that you are growing through the belief systems that would entrap your consciousness.

This is a moment of great breakthrough, for in fact, we are in a cleansing period. Allowing ourselves to feel, and be present to the ego’s offerings of fear, anxiety and the knee-jerk need to control … simply being lovingly present to these experiences, will heal them and foundationalize your opportunity for true freedom. Especially when the mind/ego is seeking to gain a new control through self-importance and oftentimes blame and judgment of the journey that actually brought you to this moment!

This is the moment that propels you to the next great choice! To “stay in Spiritual Activism by justifying your need to be right, OR to Lift into Ascension Awareness by seeing the Universal gift that has arisen through the experience.

Ascension Awareness offers the gateway to true freedom. It is then that authentic spiritual detachment is experienced. It is then that we recognize that all life is an expression of Spirit that is exploring and finding its way. It is then we recognize that those who have loved us enough along our path held the space and presence of Spiritual maturity during our “ego tantrum”.

Freedom is often misunderstood as a “free-from” energy.

If you define freedom as less debt, less fear or less pain, then you are defining yourself by your pain and debt. Thus your understanding of freedom is based upon your relative degree of density’s grip on your emotions.

True freedom comes when we transcend the worldly reactivity and the mass definitions and start experiencing Peace.

True freedom is not dependent upon any condition.

True freedom is the nature of your soul and offers the gateway to
Ascension Consciousness. (the top of the pyramid)

Freedom is initially experienced by the ego as a sense of loss and it is common for the ego to do its best to sabotage us through self-doubt. Yet just on the other side of this temporary recalibration is a sense of authentic Joy, if we allow the journey to continue.

Freedom is our true nature. It is the gateway.

Your ego serves and enriches your experience in density. Eventually it must be transcended, as your ego is unable to come along to higher dimensions. Your memories can come, your wisdom can come, the gratitude for your experiences; these can all come Home with you.

However, the ego itself is an operating agent of density and it must be released if you want to Self-Ascend. Self-Ascension demands that we pay attention. It means releasing the need to define yourself through the language and concepts of density.

Attachment to density insures that you will define yourself through your relationship to density experience. (beliefs, emotions, relationships)  Non-attachment can be a denial or a sign of liberation. True freedom is found in the state of Joy that will allow the experiences of density to be experienced while not creating pride or shame through the experience. Being in the world is rich and wondrous, however the true YOU is not of the world.

Are you willing to have an experience without a ‘personality-self” to qualify the experience? It takes practice. It takes tenacity to live in a body and evolve through density. This is why the rescue mentality is so popular….the ego seeks an external champion, (or more powerful ego), to align with so that it may feel safe in its beliefs.

Tenacity is the willingness to keep walking, keep trusting, and to stay vigilant of your own energy. Especially when the ego is screaming at you to run away! As you pay attention to your true feelings and energetic influences, then tenacity supports honesty, transparency and authentic alignment. There is no manual for this process of release, as it is as individual as you are, and all must walk through it at some point. To refuse to see it, or to refuse to walk through it, is the choicepoint that will lift your energy or “quiet” it at the level you have attained.”

Author: Journey of Awakening

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a journey of spiritual awakening. I experienced a spiritual awakening in March 2011 when my consciousness was awakened, inspired, and transformed forever. I will serve as your guide on this journey, and hope you will join me!

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  1. True freedom is not dependent upon any condition.

    True freedom is the nature of your soul and offers the gateway to
    Ascension Consciousness. (the top of the pyramid)

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