Spiral Ascension

spiral staircase

I’ve been here before,

With the same people in the same places.

Even the conversations repeat themselves,

Theirs and mine.

Like seasons, they come and go,

When the leaves change colors,

And snow begins to fall.

I only smile at the irony,

With no bitterness or anger this time.

Once the lesson is learned, it never repeats.

With only love and peace in my heart,

I move forward to where my path leads me.

Never questioning my momentum forward.

I am here, then I am there,

It is all part of the wonder of ascension.

With knowing that I will be fine,

I am so loved by the Universe,

Protected everywhere I go.

There is no fear or uncertainty,

Because this is what I deserve,

Forever spiraling upward towards my destiny.

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


Author: Journey of Awakening

Hi, I'm Brooke who will be taking you on a journey of spiritual awakening. I experienced a spiritual awakening in March 2011 when my consciousness was awakened, inspired, and transformed forever. I will serve as your guide on this journey, and hope you will join me!

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