Lunar Goddess


The Goddess radiating her brilliant magic,

Moves my soul in the night.

I watch her as she nears,

To show me my power within.

She guides me when I am bewildered,

On my path in this wounded world.

Obstacles I cannot see and hostility I cannot fend,

She is there to protect me.

Let me bow in deep gratitude,

As I know, I am forever safe in the glow of her love.

(Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

New Beginnings


Today can be the day of new beginnings,

Old feelings and stories fall away,

As they feel like stories of others.

The past seems far away,

As lotus blossoms bloom,

Rare and exotic.

The world feels lighter,

Anguish and pain fade,

While you move onto another experience.

Letting go of pain, the past, and the hurt,

Doesn’t mean letting go of those you love,

But change the lenses of how you see them.

Allow this mystery to rise within you,

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes,

To embrace the love deep within,

Loving unconditionally, selflessly, and gently,

Forever and always.

(Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Attracting What You Are

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Once we become aware of the Universal Law of Attraction, we begin to look at our lives very differently. The evaluation of my own life is looking at the types of people I am attracting into my life.  I begin to look at the patterns of behavior rather than the actual person that I have attracted.  When we evaluate the person we attract, it is usually our judgement of them, for example, this person is good, bad, mean, nice, etc.

When we become aware of the patterns we attract, it can be quite eye opening.  These patterns may be positive or negative.  Certain patterns have repeated in my life, sometimes with the same exact people.  When I begin to realize this, I realize that this is what I am.  When we change our behaviors, beliefs, and thoughts, we can change this vibrational frequency within ourselves to attract different behaviors into our lives.

I am in the process of changing my behaviors and thoughts now, and I believe my beliefs also will soon follow.  I am trying to forgive those I have perceived hurt me, and making amends with those I have hurt. The truth is that I simply do not wish to attract these behaviors into my life again.  I am trying to let go of the past hurt, and allow the events of my life to play out however it is intended.  I know that there is a healthy path for me, and whatever outcome it is, it will be perfect for me.

I am allowing my life to unfold one day at a time, and the Universe will provide exactly what I need exactly when I need it. I surrender completely to what will be for me. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

The Practice of Love


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and it is appropriate to share my thoughts about love.  Love is the most difficult emotion to achieve, and reflect in our behaviors and actions.  We can say “I love you” a thousand times to our loved ones, but it is the showing of patience, kindness, compassion, protection, and trust that truly shows that we love them.  Otherwise, “I love you” are merely words.

Words are nice, but they are empty and worth little to our loved ones.  The spiritual community preaches love to everyone, but I see more words than actions.  It is these actions that truly prove that our love are not only words. I now am practicing these actions in my life with my loved ones.  (Copyright 2015 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)

The Glow of Divine Union

Journey of Awakening


Light seeps through cracks on walls,

As shadows fall away.

Through obscurity are the images,

On torn walls of my past,

Reminding me to move forward.

Dusk looms outside worn windows,

With faded curtains still hanging.

Awaiting the sunrise to warm my being,

From winters pale glow.

As dawn turns into day,

I long for Divine union within.

To feel wholeness,

From dreams long ago of my beloved.

Ecstatic, rapturous, and joyous,

When union timely arrives,

And heaven is on earth.

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Experiencing Divine Union


Just as my Reiki practitioner predicted that the solar eclipse yesterday would facilitate my Divine Union, and it did.  I want to share with you what this union felt like.  This Divine Union was the coming together of my Divine masculine and feminine energies as it was an ecstatic experience.  Within me, I felt the emotional, energetic, and spiritual merging of these two parts of myself.

During this union, I finally felt safe in this union of the masculine and feminine as I always felt fear, distrust, and danger.  I saw a vision of a marriage between the two, and I understood finally deep within me that I will never be alone or feel lonely as my Divine feminine will always have her masculine partner who will never leave her, always protects her, and always love her.  This was quite a realization that he was always within me, as she was always within me.

I began to cry when I realized that I deserve this love for myself, and that no one can give this love to me.  This is the unconditional love that I always needed and wanted in my life, but I sought this from another, and it always disappointed me. Now, I know that this love is always within me and that it will never leave me.  When we finally find self love, we unite the two parts of us that have been separate.  When these two parts of us fully merge, we become a whole person within.  (Copyright 2014 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Learning about Letting Go


In recent months, I have begun the letting go process in earnest, and this is what I have learned. The biggest influence in my willingness to let go is coming to the reality and my own willingness to admit that there is nothing I can do to change how someone treats me, behaves towards me, or feels about me.  I have absolutely no power to change any of this.

This was a hard reality for me, and it took quite a while to come to terms with this.  The truth is that how someone treats and feels about us is less about us and more about them.  There were times that I could not understand why someone would not love, appreciate, or care about me.  It is quite simply, because it was never about me.

 I began to realize no matter what I did, what I offered, what I was willing to give up, or how much I loved or cared about them, it simply did not and could not change how others treated or felt about me.  When we begin to understand this, we finally are willing to give them up and move forward without them.  We can still send love to them and wish them well, but they will no longer remain part of our lives.  This is what I have done with both my parents, and I finally let them go.
Not too long ago, someone said to me, you don’t need to relive your past to heal from it.  The reality is that we continue to live our past over and over again in our soul lives, until we let the past go and heal from it.  Even when we will ourselves to live healthy lives, we continue to deviate in our lives as the draw of the past will continue to cause us to gravitate toward that negative past.  For instance, we may engage in extramarital affairs, continue our addictions, and continue to engage in unhealthy drama, sometimes in secrecy to hide that negative past.
This is the harsh reality of my truth, and when I am willing to take a hard look at my own truth, I begin to change my own behaviors, decisions, and actions.  I finally have come to acceptance that I cannot change my past, but I must let it go, and then I move on without those from my past and without bitterness or anger because this is what is meant to be. (Copyright 2014 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

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Spiral Ascension

spiral staircase

I’ve been here before,

With the same people in the same places.

Even the conversations repeat themselves,

Theirs and mine.

Like seasons, they come and go,

When the leaves change colors,

And snow begins to fall.

I only smile at the irony,

With no bitterness or anger this time.

Once the lesson is learned, it never repeats.

With only love and peace in my heart,

I move forward to where my path leads me.

Never questioning my momentum forward.

I am here, then I am there,

It is all part of the wonder of ascension.

With knowing that I will be fine,

I am so loved by the Universe,

Protected everywhere I go.

There is no fear or uncertainty,

Because this is what I deserve,

Forever spiraling upward towards my destiny.

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


Revelations I


During our spiritual journeys, we come to moments of clarity, understanding clearly what is happening to us and in our lives, also known as a revelation.  These revelations, I believe, are messages or guides on our journey to help us move forward on our paths.  These moments are so clear in my mind, that I stand stunned in my tracks.

As I stand on my path, I realize that each person brought into my life has helped to serve as my life lessons and tests.  Our free will may cause us to choose different careers, partners, friends, etc, but the lessons and tests are still the same that we must learn as we each have our specific lessons to learn, and tests to pass. How do we know we are going through our lessons and tests?  It is when we say, we just want to quit and just want all this to go away.  These tests are intended to help us build courage, internal strength, and character.

After each lesson we learn and test we pass, we are given the next set of lessons we are intended learn and tests we must pass to grow spiritually and emotionally as human beings.  Many of these lessons are about facing our past emotional pain, and the test is letting go of that pain.  This is the ascension process.  Through each lesson and test passed, we ascend and evolve further and further towards the Divine to the spiritual and emotional state we were first born to this earth.

I am on such a path, and have passed my latest test.  After passing such a test, we shed another layer of dross or emotional pain caused by our past trauma, pain, and hurt, and we become a new version of ourselves.  My gratitude is boundless, and I am humbled by all that I have experienced.  Blessing of love, and peace to all. (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)