Through Dreams



In my dreams last night, I said goodbye to those in my past who I will not have an opportunity to say goodbye as I move onto the next phase of my journey.  In my dream, I spoke to each person separately saying my farewells.  My interaction with these important individuals who I encountered on my journey either taught me lessons, tested me, or showed me truths about myself.

Although they are no longer in my life now, their contributions to my emotional healing and spiritual growth were necessary, and I thank them as I no longer harbor any animosity or ill will against them. We must be willing to let go of these relationships by understanding that they no longer lead somewhere as our time together have ended.

Letting go feels like a huge weight has lifted from my heart. My higher self tells me to let go, and don’t hang on because this letting go is necessary for me to move forward as I no longer need to carry such heavy baggage with me along my journey.

As I lighten my load on my journey, I gave away possessions, gave away valuables, and gave up emotional pain and hurt.  The lightening of my load means to release, let go, and forgive myself and others.  It is through this letting go that gives us peace and harmony, allows us to find happiness and joy, and attracts love and passion into our lives.

After giving up the people, places, and situations of my past, I shall finally find my dreams and peace, joy, and love will naturally flow into my life.  I will finally get a second chance at my life. In 2017, may you find your dreams. (Copyright 2o16 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Living the Miracle


When we begin to heal ourselves, learn to love ourselves, and let go of people and things that no longer serve us, there are miracles and great rewards awaiting us.  Today was this miracle day for me.  For the past several months, my inner voice has been telling me how to proceed.  As a stubborn human being, I saw dreams and visions, but was skeptical about them.

My inner voice has been telling me to sell my house, that I will find a job in California to continue working with sexual assault victims, and that I will build a Reiki practice in California.  She tells me to find a house with a studio space for my Reiki practice and that I will find clients without even advertising because of my genuine wish to help others will bring clients to me.  She tells me that I will have a partner in my life, and I will make peace with my family.

For some time, I wondered if it would come true.  I began just as she advised, by getting certified as a Reiki Master, preparing my  house for sale, and looking for jobs in California.  Well, today I am one step closer to this reality as a job in California materialized that is perfect for me.  The job is just as I had hoped with only additional staffing needed in this office.   The region is affordable for me to live with my income near mountains and a long bike trail for recreation.  It also is one of the best areas to start a small business.  Now, what are the chances of this?

It happened just as I saw in my vision as it appeared on my computer screen today.  I will find the perfect house to rent with a studio space for my Reiki practice, and my life will fall into place just as she tells me.  I am a true believer of miracles now.  Blessed be.  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)



Through Dreams


In recent dreams, I have been seeing my future.  It is not my current life of frustration, stress, and disatisfaction with my job.  In my dreams, I live a different life with a companion. I believe dreams are what we hope for ourselves.  It is through dreams that we discover what we really wish and the life we want.

In my dreams, my future is filled with love and healing as I become a full-time healer.  I have my own practice to help others, and there is someone by my side who is my partner. Through these visions, I am being guided to work toward my future.  Last month, I pursued my certification as a Reiki Master.  I also know that I must master energy protection techniques and learning conscious awareness of my own energy and others.

I have begun to practice these techniques so that I can begin to practice Reiki without taking on others’ energy, and also establish my practice.  Dreams are only ideas and visions. In order for dreams to be realized, we must work and put strategic efforts toward manifesting these ideas and visions. In addition to the physical efforts, I also use positive affirmations and thoughts to manifest what I want.

Deep within me, I know my path is bright, and my future will provide me the avenue to serve my purpose in the world.  I will allow myself to flow with this energy, and am patiently allowing my life to unfold.  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Don’t Count the Days, Make the Days Count

Rock Climb

Three events came together recently that served as the foundation for this post.  First, when I did a quiz on Facebook yesterday on “What are you saying to your friends,” the above quote resulted, “Don’t Count the Days, Make the Days Count.”  Then this morning, I was saddened to find out that my friend’s daughter passed away yesterday.  This is the third friend in the past five years who tragically lost their child.  Finally, today during my conversation with my rock climbing partner, she and I shared our respective lives and how truly grateful and happy we both feel about our lives.  She and I have been working toward finding our own happiness by remaining single and finding our happiness through ourselves and self love.

What were the messages from these three events?  Cherish every day of your life, and live your life to the fullest.  As I sat at lunch with my climbing partner, we realized how truly happy, grateful, and fulfilled our lives are.  I found my true calling for my life in my job helping college students who have experienced sexual and interpersonal violence.   I found peace with myself and my past, and have wonderful friends to share my many exciting interests and hobbies.  I recently bought my first home, and feel I can take care of myself.  I travel the world to share my awakening experience and learn about other cultures and languages.  I live a truly blessed life.

It is with gratitude and humility to have such a blessed life as I began this lifetime as a victim and with much adversity, but this experience gave me the strength to become the woman I am today.   I am very proud of my accomplishments, and this has given me the courage to persevere.  I realized that we do not become the person we hope to become, but we create the person we want to be.  May you become the person you hope to be to live your life to its fullest. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

In Dreams


As I move within my dream,

I see my life dwelling within.

Familiar people with unknown names,

Moving about in bygone scenes.

As if my life belongs to another,

With renewed emotions and responses.

Is this becoming awakened,

Living a resurrected life?

On this journey into the unknown,

I ponder my future.

Where is my destiny?

Who will I meet?

What is meant for me?

And how will my story end?

Breathe in the lovely air,

Breathe out my past despair.

This is  where dreams,

And reality collide.

(Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)



A Serpent’s Destiny


By the light of the horizon,

I shed my old serpent skin.

Shimmering in the beyond,

Lies the future awaiting me.

My past is just shadows,

Only memories no longer familiar.

Faded figures from my past no longer hurt me,

And healed wounds bring no more tears.

I find my path forward,

What seems an eternity.

It whispers to draw me near,

As my dreams lead me to this destiny.

Through self love and compassion, I am drawn here,

To a place within that is home.

(Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


Onto Dreams Only Imagined

th (18)

Through higher truth,

We seem to know,

How to move forward,

In this chaotic world,

Full of confusion,

About dependencies, needs, and egos,

Our higher realm,

Rising above this chaos,

There is no fear,

There is all knowing,

Everything is as it is,

As it should be.

No regrets, and no more hurt,

Peace and silence of the mind,

Is all there is,

With us, around us, within us.

Bliss we have never known,

Transcending beyond the physical,

Into the ethereal world of the unknown.

Breathe in the life energy,

To illuminate your love,

Through visions of heaven,

After shedding the old skin,

Lost forever the forgotten past,

Onto dreams only imagined . . .

(Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Dreams of Heaven

As light passes through my mind,

I see heaven with clarity.

It is where peace lies,

And the darkness fades.

Blessings come to me,

And the world is my oyster.

My wishes come true,

With each moment through prayer.

I thank the Divine,

For all that I have.

I am given the help I need,

With guiding hands.

I feel bliss fill my heart,

And gratitude abounds.

Darkness falls further,

And further away,

Until one day,

It no longer lingers.

Through grace,

I give my deepest gratitude,

For all my blessings.

(Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Seeing Beyond What You Can See


I am now living a life beyond where I ever been before, and never seen before.  It is a life beyond ego, fear, and hurt. It is infinite and wondrous.  When we heal ourselves and release ego, our world is different, we feel different, and our lives begin to become the one we imagined in our dreams.  I have found this place, not just a glimmer of it, but living it.

I see others through different lenses as the slight, rejection, and hurt of the past remains the past. There are no more arguments and conflicts to engage, as the emotional wounds are mending and no longer raw and tender.  The drama, chaos, and frenetic life turn into peace, harmony, and love.  No longer does fear run and rule my life.

In my external world, I am putting down root, and I give other the space to heal and mend emotionally without fear.   My chaotic work environment suddenly becomes peaceful and calm.  Even in the crisis oriented job I have, I am peaceful within, better able to help others, and am able to love others who have been injured.

This place where I have landed is beyond where I could see earlier, and never have I imagined myself being here.  The emotional healing work from the past four years have come to fruition, and I reap the benefits now of the hard work all the while facing my worst fears. I am so grateful, as I am bestowed this heavenly gift from the Divine, and as I witness a true miracle. (Copyright 2015 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)