Living as an Empath


Living as an empath has its drawbacks.  One is not knowing if feelings I am experiencing is mine or others.  Recently, I experienced three episodes of anxiety attacks while with my Twin Flame.  One of these episodes occurred near an art gallery where I felt horrible pains in my chest and in my heart chakra of emotional pain and hurt.  I ask my Twin if he had a negative experience there, and he described that a gallery owner earlier rejected his art work .

On two recent hikes together with my twin, I felt panic attacks when we were discussing about his artistic and musical pursuits.  The first episode involved anxiety with tightness in my chest, and difficult breathing.  The second episode involved tightness in my chest and nausea.  When I described these feelings to my Twin, he expressed that he had been experiencing nausea in the morning for about a year.  During each of these episodes, I sense thoughts of not being good enough or unworthiness.

I am in the process of understanding why I am experiencing feelings of panic and anxiety.  Are my feelings of unworthiness being triggered within me?  Since he is my twin, we have similar emotional wounds, so am I merely mirroring the negative emotions of unworthiness, lack, and insecurities?  As I am energetically connected to my twin, am I experiencing his symptoms of panic and anxiety?

I sense that he blames others, particularly women for his feeling of inadequacy.  Are we both blaming others for our own feelings of inadequacy?  Maybe this is simply a mirroring of two Twin Flames trying to unravel our issues that are intertwined.  I continue to struggle to understand what is actually happening.  If you have any insights, please feel free to share and comment below. (Copyright 2017 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)



Through Dreams


In recent dreams, I have been seeing my future.  It is not my current life of frustration, stress, and disatisfaction with my job.  In my dreams, I live a different life with a companion. I believe dreams are what we hope for ourselves.  It is through dreams that we discover what we really wish and the life we want.

In my dreams, my future is filled with love and healing as I become a full-time healer.  I have my own practice to help others, and there is someone by my side who is my partner. Through these visions, I am being guided to work toward my future.  Last month, I pursued my certification as a Reiki Master.  I also know that I must master energy protection techniques and learning conscious awareness of my own energy and others.

I have begun to practice these techniques so that I can begin to practice Reiki without taking on others’ energy, and also establish my practice.  Dreams are only ideas and visions. In order for dreams to be realized, we must work and put strategic efforts toward manifesting these ideas and visions. In addition to the physical efforts, I also use positive affirmations and thoughts to manifest what I want.

Deep within me, I know my path is bright, and my future will provide me the avenue to serve my purpose in the world.  I will allow myself to flow with this energy, and am patiently allowing my life to unfold.  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Walking the Path Forward


Since the rise of my Kundalini energy in March, 2011, my intuitive abilities have become more and more acute.  In recent months, I have been picking up remotely emotional problems of those close to me in my life.  This is a blessing and a curse as I have not developed the techniques to protect my own energy field.  On the other hand, feeling others energy is telling me who to keep in my life and who to let go.

As I progress, I am letting people go who I have outgrown as my life is diverging from theirs.  I believe that my picking up their negative energy that is making me feel rather ill, is a sign that I need to let them go in order to move on.  This is the difficulties of moving forward spiritually and emotionally.  Those who do not move forward with me, I must leave behind.

It is so sad as I interact with people in my life, and I am beginning to see them for who they really are.  They are injured and unhappy people, and I feel so sorry to leave them behind. I have been saying good-bye to many in my heart.  In order to live a stable, happy, and peaceful life, we must set very strict boundaries, and some of these boundaries may be to love others from afar.

Many do not even understand what I am doing or understand my journey.  We no longer speak the same language, but I know that others do not necessarily need to understand.  Although it feels solitary to be on this journey, I am truly happy that I am experiencing miracles in my life now.  I am eternally grateful for all that I am experiencing. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

How to Protect Your Energy as an Empath!

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This weekend, I spent time away with a friend who I met four years ago.  During this weekend, I realized how much I have changed.  As an empath, I can feel what others feel and what they are thinking.  During our time together, I was able to observed and become aware of her feelings, and my own feelings about how I relate to her now.

As I was in my friend’s energy field, I felt all the old feelings of wanting to control everyone and everything around me.  What I feel the most in people’s field is fear. It is the most dominant feeling, and maybe it is the dominant feeling for all humans as I also feel fear myself.

During this weekend, I realized that I need better energetic, emotional, and physical boundaries with others.  I ended our weekend early with my friend  as I no longer could tolerate how she controls me and everything around her.  The interesting thing is that she kept repeating how easy going she is and how flexible she is.  In interacting with her, she is neither easy going nor reflexible as we did everything she wanted to do, and she directed me even when we walked while shopping or walking from the car.

As we parted ways early, I ended up going for a long walk in the beautiful outdoors, had the meal that I wanted to eat this weekend, and went to my favorite clothing store.  I don’t make as much money as her, and my focus is no longer to make a lot of money, but to service others.  Our paths are diverging now, because she is who I was four years ago.

When I return home, I plan to begin practicing how to separate my feelings from others, so they don’t affect me so much energetically or emotionally.  I am sharing an article called, “Are Those Your Feelings?”  This aritcle gives great tips and techniques on how best to do this.  Good luck with your practice!  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Dark Energy


It is true that where there is light, there also is darkness.  I have come to the conclusion that spiritual people, including Kundalini active individuals are like all people. Some are good and some are dark.  I came to this conclusion when I encountered my first Kundalini active person who was full of darkness.

I knew there was trouble when he boasted to me that he could put thoughts into people’s minds, and make them do things against their free will.  At that time, my Kundalini energy had not risen, so I was bewildered at how he was able to do this.  He told me about how he could put ideas or thoughts into other’s minds to get something he wanted.  Sometimes, it’s a book or items he wanted.

Little did I know that he put ideas into my mind about loaning him money as he lacked abundance and struggled with supporting himself.  I then realized that I was not the only person who was manipulated.  He tended to focus on women he would charm our pants off.  After charming us, he would put these ideas into our minds as if they were our ideas.  I realized that I was being manipulated because I rarely loan anyone money, not even to my family members.  It was just a rule of mine as my family has a history of being enbroiled in conflicts and arguments over money.

Other women he wooed also loaned him money.  They were frequenty amounts of several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars as he makes a meager living. Be aware of your own actions and your thoughts triggering these actions.  They may not be your own ideas or thoughts, and if these actions do not conform to your normal behaviors, these actions may not be under your own free will. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Right Reserved)


Setting Boundaries as Empaths

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If you are an empath, you know what I am talking about when others around us drain our energy.  There are energy vampires who usually are alcoholic, addicts, sexual predators, narcissists, etc. who drain others’ energy without even realizing they are doing it. Case in point is a coworker of mine who is an alcoholic and calls me in a drunken state late in the evening, and then uses complaining and whining to get his way.

After encountering this alcoholic coworker, my energy level began to plummet.  I would be exhausted at work and would fall asleep as soon as I arrived home.  No matter how much sleep I got, I felt exhausted around him.  This went on for several months when I realized that this coworker was draining me of my energy.

The regular alcohol use drains him of his energy, and then he would drain other’s energy around him as well.  By being around his energy, I realized that I began to feed into my own addictions such as eating unhealthy foods, drinking lots of coffee, and I stopped exercising.  I also began to gain weight and felt just awful.  I imagine this is how he feels all the time.

This is what I did to separate and begin to take care of myself.  I made a very affirmative effort to protect my energy field envisioning a bubble of white light encircling my whole body, and repeating the mantra, “I am protected and I am safe.”  After doing this,  I began to tell him to stop calling me or else, and telling him firmly “no” to his whining and complaining.

I set very firm boundaries that he may not cross, as I will no longer coddle him and give into his wish to be enabled as an alcoholic.  If he resists, I will take further steps to make sure he complies. With each step, my energy level began to improve.  I am able to drink less and less coffee now to feel alert, and I am much more energized to exercise, work, and engage in my activities.

As an empath, we can easily be drained by others, particularly energy vampires.  We must be viligant in setting healthy and appropriate boundaries.  When we feel compassion for others, we become emeshed in their energy, and must be able to separate in a healthy way so we can function in our own lives.  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)



The Power of Your Energy

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There has always been synchronicity in my life. However, after I began my spiritual and emotional healing Journey, my world began aligning with the Universe.  As my Kundalini energy rose, my intuitive also abilities were heightened.

Other empaths have shared that they can hear the thoughts and feelings of others.  I have always been very sensitve, but after my Kundalini energy rose, I began feeling the feelings and hearing thoughts of those around me and at a distance of those close in my life.

Last night was the first time that someone from my distant past responded to my thoughts and contacted me.  Last night, I saw a movie about two lovers who ran into each other after they left each others years earlier.  The male character in the moive was an Asian man.  They reconnected but it was frought with problems and past hurts.

One hour into this movie, I received a message on my work email from my Asian ex-finance who I was engaged to while in college. I have not heard from him in over 30 years. It actually freaked me out as this coincidence was too close to home.  I was a completely different person in college when he knew me, and I have transformed even in the past five years.  I no longer have any feelings for him, and feel neutral indifference as we all feel when we get over our ex’s.

However, this synchronicity told me that my thoughts have power to connect and move others to action.   I have used the lazy empath’s method of connecting with others, as I would think about someone to call me, text me, or email me, and then there message would appea on my phone or computer.

I have known people to use this ability for selfish or manipulative reasons.  There are empaths and Kundalini active individuals who manipulative others for their money, possessions, and even love.  As empaths, we must use our abilities for the good of others, and not for selfish reasons.  Many empaths have learned to block out others from our energy fields, but those who are unaware of energy can easily be maniplated.

If our abilities are used to satisfy our ego’s greed, fears, vengence, or hatred, then we will be confronted by our own karma.  Taking responsibility is critical in the evolution of our souls.  What we reap, we shall sow.  Think positive, do good, and good will return to you. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


Beware of Parasitic Empaths

ethericCordsSince the rise of my Kundalini energy five years ago, my intuitive abilities have become more acute and sensitive.  As a result, I am a full fledged empath now.  In the past five years, I have encountered individuals who are themselves empaths.  But because of their emotional wounds and mental instability, they have used their empathic abilities for self gain and manipulations.

Their techniques are more subtle than others who are manipulators.  They use subtle language to put ideas into your head making you believe that those ideas are yours.  For instance, one friend who is an empath would use guilt, pretenses of missing me, and victimhood to get me to do things for her.  Before I was fully aware of her manipulations, I fell for these traps.

As I become more and more aware, I now understand that she is a parasitic empath who latches onto hosts, and she seeks hosts everywhere.  She uses us for our money, our companionship, and our free help to get her out of chaos and problems she creates for herself.  I seem to attract parasitic empaths like this into my life, and I now am fully aware of attracting them.  I believe I tend to attract narcissists in general into my life.  I earlier posted an article on Narcissists and Empaths: the Ego Dynamic.

It was my first relationship with this type of parasitic empath/narcissist that propelled me into Kundalini awakening and forced me into awareness and acknowledgment of my contribution and willness to become a slave to saving others.  This behavior caused me to become involved with these individuals, and these connections cause me headaches, fatique, and exhaustion. Clearly, these are connections that no longer serve me, and I must let them go.  May you find freedom from your negative connections in your life.  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Surviving as an Empaths


In this post, I want to share how best to cope as an empath.  When I am around others or am connected to others, I take on their emotions and moods, and sometimes, this can occur at a distance. This weekend, I spent time away with three other women. One of these woman is a good friend who recently was involved in a car accident.

We decided to drive two separate cars to the Lakeside condo that we rented for the weekend.  I was driving alone in my car, but began experiencing unexplained fears and apprehension while driving in my car to the Lakeside condo.  As other cars merged toward me during my drive, I became frightened and startled.  At first, I was completely bewildered by these emotions.  I could not figure out where this was coming from.

After arriving at the Lakeside condo, my friends asked me to drive when we went out together.  My friend who was involved in the car accident, sat in the front passenger’s seat.  As cars approach my car or came near my car, she screamed and nearly jumped out of her seat.  After observing this in her, I realized that I was connect to her and empathically felt her emotions of fear and apprehension, even at a distance.

When I experience certain feelings or emotions, I first determine if they are mine or others.  Sometimes, others will trigger certain feelings and emotions within me.  I consider which feelings are mine because I have felt those feelings recently, or there is a current situation/trauma that is causing these feelings to arise within me. On the other hands, if these feelings just come up that is strangely unexplainable or feels foreign to me, I am most likely feeling the emotions and moods of others.

I found a way recently to disconnect from those emotions and moods.  The first step is to identify this emotion or mood and to whom they belong.  The second step is to actively disconnect from that person.  I do this through breathing them out of me with nostril or belly breathing techniques, and simultaneously repeating the mantra, “You may not enter my energy field, please leave now.”   I also use imagery to imagine a bubble of light surrounding me so others cannot penetrate this light bubble.  I then repeat the mantra, “I am sovereign and am my own being.”

Repeat these exercises as many times as necessary until others leave your energy field. After doing these exercises, I stopped experiencing the fear and apprehension while driving home from my weekend away.  Let me know if these exercises works for you!  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)