The Life of a Light Worker


I am a light worker, but did not come to acknowledge this until recently.  My life is not like others, and it became clear to me recently that I am not like others.  I am not married, do not have children, and don’t even have a pet.  Although I tried to be like others earlier in my life, I was married and my husband wanted children but we were unable to have our own.  We were in the process of adoption when our marriage did not survive and we terminated the adoption.

I don’t know what my life will be in the future, but for now, I move from place to place serving as a catalyst and reflect back like a mirror to others of who they truly are.  This can be both good and bad as many are not ready for transformation or even a small change.  I scare some as they are frightened by their own reflection in the mirror of what they see. Wherever I go, I have been able to effect miraculous change to my community, or just individuals around me.

I know all that I do in my life is intended to help my world. Now, I am helping sexually assaulted students and minorities students encountering hate.  In the near future, I also will be helping rescue animals and sick people through Reiki.  I even found a new home with the perfect space for a Reiki studio for people with wheel chairs to receive treatment with me.

As I move forward on my spiritual journey, everything I need has been provided for me, and all the pieces are falling miraculously into place. I sold my home and my house closes right when the new job I want begins.  I found the right job for me, a new home, and am meeting new friends even before moving to California.  It is like the road is paved for me, because I found the right path forward.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had to work very hard applying for jobs and researching them, looking for housing, and willing to meet new people.

My higher self is telling me what to do at every step, and I follow her advice and direction on my path forward.  So far, everything she has told me has come true, and all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place on my journey forward.  I am humbled by all that I have experienced. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All RIghts Reserved)


When the Lion Roars


Today is my birthday, and I gave myself the best present one can give oneself.  I regained my power over my past, over my abuses, and by learning to protect my inner child. Here is my story.

As many of my readers know, I was abused as a child by my parents, and subsequently as an adult, I attracted and welcomed individuals who abused me. Yesterday, I was having dinner with a good friend for our respective birthdays.  After our server took a photo of us to commemorate this dinner,  I suddenly became faint, light-headed, and nauseous. Later, I realized that I experienced photo vertigo for the first time in my life.

When I returned home, a memory of my past involving an ex-boyfriend flashed into my head.  During this memory, I recalled Valentine’s Day with this man a couple of years ago.  During our Valentine’s Day dinner, we got into an argument about a past married girlfriend of his.  He became enraged during our dinner.

As I dropped him off at his home, there was a snowstorm that evening.  Because of the storm, I asked if I could stay overnight at his home.  He then stormed away from my car and told me to go home in the snowstorm.  The snowstorm had gotten so bad that I stayed in a hotel that night.

As I checked into the hotel, I texted him about my situation.  Not only did he not ask about my safety, he didn’t even respond.  This was the type of man I attracted into my life due to my past emotional injuries.  I chose him as my boyfriend, because I simply did not believe that I deserved any better treatment, or deserved love or protection.   Shortly after that incident, I broke things off with him, and now pray for him for his recovery.

This morning, I had a session with my massage therapist who also is a Reiki practitioner.  As we worked through a knee injury that I sustained last year, she explained that I had been keeping all my emotional pain and hurt in my knee chakra.  I also explained almost passing out at dinner last night with my friend from photo vertigo.

She is a intuitive healer who suggested that my photo vertigo may have been triggered by how my inner child had dealt with abuse. This reaction may have been my childhood ways of coping with abuse by leaving my physical body, since I have been recently working to release this emotional pain.

She was right that the photo vertigo incident triggered past memories of emotional abuse by this man as he also sexually assaulted me and gave me a sexually transmitted disease.  It was such a revelation about these recent events.

As we worked together, she facilitated the transmutation of this emotional pain into power energy to my solar plexus chakra.  I felt the energy moving through my major chakras into my heart chakra and out of my throat chakra.  It  also felt painful as this energy was being transmuted and released.  As I experienced this miracle, I began to cry from shear joy as did my therapist.

As we held each others’ hands, I knew that this was a watershed moment in my spiritual journey. This transmuting of my emotional pain into power through my power center or solar plexus chakra is nothing short of amazing.  I am freeing myself from the pain and emotional injuries stored within my physical body from many years of abuse.

On my birthday today,  I regained my power from victim to survivor.  I finally found love for my inner child and learned that I can protect her from harm.  I release my shame, hurt, and pain.  I believe that I deserve to be loved, protected, and honored for who I am.  Blessings and Namaste.  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


My Graduation


This weekend, I am graduating from this phase of my spiritual work. I am attending a three day Reiki Master Training Class.  After the introduction in this class, we took a break and I went for a walk. During this walk, I heard a voice telling me that this is my graduation so I can move forward onto the next phase of my spiritual work.  I don’t know exactly what that means, but I am excited.

During this class, we received an attunement or placement and ignition process as it is called in this training.  We first began the healing process as we go through a guided meditation with our instructor then we begin to experience healing in the River of Life.  There, I saw myself as a little girl walking through the forest and being cleansed in the river, but I became the river and was part of it.  Then I saw an image of my parents who were dressed in 1920 clothing and of a different race sitting at a train station.  I knew they were saying good-bye to me, and a voice told me to let them go.

During the placement process, we again went through a guided meditation and were allowed to experience ourselves in a light.  During my experience, I became the light and moved in this light through its waves and currents, and felt no physical body.  I felt such utter joy and love while in this light, and believe this is what it’s like to die.  It was the most perfectly joyful and beautiful place, and it’s like returning home.  Then I saw an images of million of faces as far as the eye can see, and I knew they were people who had passed over.  I saw my uncle who had gone missing, and my grandmother who passed many years ago.

I realized in that moment that I am never alone, and my loved ones are always with me.  In this light, I became one wtih all even those who are no longer with us in the physical world.  I had travel to the beyond, and understood that we are not limited by our physical bodies.  One day, I will return home again, and find my loved ones there waiting for me. I will be one with all when I finally return.  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Using Energy to Heal


After the rise of my Kundalini energy, I became fully aware of the energy around me.  What I have discover is that energy exists like the Internet.  We are all connected by this energy, and we connect with others through this energy like the Internet. We can contact others through this energy by sensing others physical states, hear their thoughts, and feel their feelings.

People’s energy fields are like websites on the Internet when we are within their field or focus on them, we can read that person’s energy field,  about their lives, and about their past.  Some call this universal consciousness, and this is how we are all connected as one.

As I became more consciously aware of this energy, I have been able to sense others when they are ill, particularly those with terminal illness, such as cancer.  People who have terminal illness gives off energy that feels like death.  Even before the rise of my Kundalini energy, I was able to sense others with terminal illness.  Two of these individuals were not aware that they were terminally ill, who later were diagnosed with cancer and died.

Many energy practitioners and Eastern health practitioners use this awareness of energy to help diagnose their clients and heal their clients.  It is an invaluable tool as it is non-invasive to the human body.  I have begun to use this practice along with Reiki to help heal traumatized animals, and hope to help those animals heal so they can be adopted. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Healing Nola


This is Nola who is a chihuahua being fostered by one of my artist friends after her owner gave her up at the animal shelter.  This is the story of how I met Nola.  I first met my artist friend a couple of years ago at a craft school where we both attended art classes one summer.  After meeting her, we kept in touch via Facebook.

During my recent trip, I found my artist friend’s artwork at a gallery in the city I was visiting.  When I saw her work, I immediately recognized it and mentioned this to the gallery owner.  As we were talking about my artist friend, the gallery owner informed me that she lives in this very city since I was unaware of this fact. Just then her phone rang, and it was my friend’s husband calling the gallery.  In amazement, the gallery owner relayed this coincidence to me, but I knew in my heart that this was no coincidence at all.

After purchasing some of my artist friend’s artwork, I posted the gallery and her artwork on Facebook.  I immediately heard back from my friend who invited me to her home for drinks. When I arrived at her house, she introduced me to Nola who appears to be traumatized.  I explained to my friend that I use Reiki on traumatized animals to help them heal their emotional and physical wounds.

As I began to work on Nola, she growled aggressively and would not allow me to touch her.  Then, I just sat quietly next to her, and she began to inch closer and closer to me until she was touching me.  We then began our work together.  When I touched her, I saw visions of her owner and her back yard where she lived.  As I touched her back, I felt an old injury of which she guarded and did not like to be touched there. When I touched her wound, I saw a vision of her owner kicking her with his shoes injuring her.

My friend told me that Nola was frightened of her husband, and I explained that her owner was a big bald man as her husband also is bald.  As I worked on Nola, she began to relax and her anxiety lessened tremendously.  After her healing session, she was more playful and friendly.  Today, I heard from my friend that Nola has a prospective family visiting for her possible adoption.  I hope my Reiki healing has helped heal some of her emotional wounds so she can find her new family. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Attacting What We Need


As part of my Reiki healing practice, I regularly use crystals and stones for this healing.  Today, I went to a crafts market and found a stall selling stone and crystals.  As I approached the booth, I was attracted to a particularly stone for me called Youngite.  I had no ideas of the metaphysical properties until I brought it home.  Upon looking it up online, I found how appropriate this stones is for my own healing.

Youngite is not well known by many, in fact, many books do not have the properties listed. Mainly from Wyoming, this stone is excellent for anyone who seeks to stand up and have their voice heard. It is a combination of jasper and drusy quartz. It has a rather gentle feel to it, almost like it is smiling at you. It is a gentle spirit stone.

Youngite is known for helping you access different planes of existence. This is why it is a very popular shaman stone. Many shaman and people who help to retrieve soul fragments use youngite to help them navigate the other planes of existence. It especially helps you with connecting to those aspects of you that broke off as a child. It can help you through meditation to bring those lost parts back or to help heal those areas so your lost parts will come back to you on their own. Youngite is also great for healing mental stress that we all experience in everyday life.

While at the crafts market, I also found a stone to which I was attracted and bought this stone for my friend.  When I return home, I found the metaphysical properties of this stone to be perfect for what is needed for my friend’s healing as well.  As I have found, we will find everything we need for our healing and those we love. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Healing through Love


Since starting my Reiki class several months ago, I have begun to help others with their healing through Reiki.  This weekend, I visited friends in another state.  I have not seen them in over a year, and I moved from there about three years ago.

One of my friends recently had a kidney stone attack and also was experiencing terrible headaches.  After we met for lunch, we walked to a nearby park. While lying down on a park bench, I began to move my hands over her left kidney where I sensed pain.  I could feel the agonizing pain around her kidney and urethra through which the kidney stone passed.   I also could feel her pain in her head and down her face.

After moving my hands around her body, head, and face, I was able to help subside the pain.  Because of all this pain, she held so much of her anxiety in her chest and stomach.  Slowly we worked through the pain and anxiety, and she told me that she felt numbness where she had originally felt pain, and was amazed about feeling better.

After helping her, I felt this rush of love for her, and such joy that I was able to help my friend through a difficult recovery.  I have another friend who recently gave birth, and will try Reiki with her to help her through her birthing recovery.  It is amazing that we can feel this overwhelming love for those we can help through their healing. (Copyright 2014 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)