Soul Evolution: Karmic, Soulmate, or Twin Flame Relationships

Inside Of Inside

I am finally far along enough on my spiritual journey to speak a little clearer about my personal understanding and evolution to write about soul relationships.  When we are deep in it, it is difficult to differentiate between these three very distinct soul relationships.  Karmic and soulmate relationships can involve lovers, family, friends, co-workers, and anyone we encounter.  Twin flames or twin souls may begin platonic or remain platonic, but may become romantic when the souls are ready to unite.

My belief is that in all three relationships, our souls have encountered the soul of these individuals before.  They are part of our soul group, as we are on similar reincarnation cycles.  However, the difference is that they serve different purposes for our soul evolution.  On the face of things, we appear to love certain individuals more because of the purpose they serve in our soul evolution, but I believe it is all an illusion of the ego.

So this is how I understand these relationship, but you may have another perspective.  First, the karmic relationship, the most difficult of the three, are life lessons that each of our souls must encounter in order to evolve. They are chaotic, unhealthy, addictive, selfish, ego-centered, filled with drama and conflicts, and never appear to work or last.  These karmic relationships are intended to help our souls learn life lessons, and learn the difficult art of letting go.  They are very critical and important teachers for our souls.  Most earth-bound relationships are karmic in nature.

The next category are soulmate as they are those souls who serve to help us on our life journeys as they are compatible to us, provide support and care, and are our cheerleaders in our lives. They are frequently our close friends, siblings, cousins, or other family members.  These souls are necessary to help support, care, and love us on our difficult life journey. However, soulmates are not necessarily our lovers or partner.

Finally, there is the twin flame or twin soul relationship.  These are completely different than the previous two soul relationships as there are distinct and undeniable signs.  The belief is that twin flame/soul are one soul divided into two, similar to identical twins. It is difficult to deny the similarities.  Both like similar foods, have similar careers, enjoy similar hobbies, like similar physical contacts, have similar spirits (brave, vulnerable, weak, etc.),  live similar lifestyles, lived in similar places, and meet in person organically, as if brought together through synchronicity by the Universe.

Twin flames or souls may not recognized each other, and cannot unite until all the karmic relationships have been let go, life lessons have been learned, and ego is released. However, soulmate relationships still may continue concurrently with twin flame/soul relationships if they are not romantic or sexual.  In order for twin flames to unite, both twins must have learned self love, and be able to give and accept unconditional love.  Until these steps are accomplished by each twin, there cannot be union.

My observation is that most people who are in karmic or soulmate relationships believe they are with their twin flame.  It is again ego’s illusion because we so desperately need someone else to complete us. In this desperation, we fool ourselves into believing this, so ego does not need to be released, and we don’t need to do the necessary, difficult emotional and spiritual work.

So here is my belief about karmic, soulmate, and twin flame/soul relationships. They all serve very important roles for our soul evolution.  One is not necessarily  worse or better than another soul relationship category, since they are all here to help our souls evolve and help us live through our highest potential. (Awakening Journey Copyright 2017 with All Rights Reserved).

Loving Fearlessly


When we live without fear, we are able to love fearlessly.  After five years of emotional healing and spiritual work, I finally learned to love fearlessly.  My fears of abandonment, being unloveable, and rejection are in my past, and I am living a different life now.

Recently, when I went through a box of old journals and notebooks, I found a page written in early 2013 about reading some books on Abraham Hicks on the law of attraction, and learning to energetically aligning with what we want.  Essentially, we energetically become what we want to attract.

Our aura or energetic frequency is composed of our emotional and mental vibrations.  Trauma, negative experiences, and emotional injuries create a certain vibration which attracts similar vibrations.  Many will meet or attract those who continue to abuse, hurt, and injure them, and cannot understand why this is happening as I did for a long time.

In this journal on this page, I found a list of things I wrote that I want in my life, including a loving, honest, and loyal relationship, a fulfilling and satisfying career, and my own healing and becoming my higher self. As I reflected on these words, I realize that I have received all that I asked for.

These miracles of finding my soulmate, finding a fulfilling job at a university where I am helping many students, and internal peace and love for myself are the results of changing my energetic frequency to attract what I want.  May you heal and attract what you want. (Copyright 2017 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved).

Karma and Relationships


Many in the spiritual community talk about twin flames, soul mates, and karmic relationship.  I must confess that I don’t believe relationships or our life partners are fated as these relationship labels indicate.  I believe that we have free will to determine what is right for us at a certain time in our lives with the person that feels right for us at that time. This may change as we heal our emotional wounds, grow emotionally and physically, or move from place to place.

What I do believe comes into play in relationships is the concept of karma.  My understanding of karma is that we could have created karma with another soul from past lives or we can create karma in our present life.  For example, if we have unresolved issues as we may have wronged others or others may have wronged us, this issue must be resolved between the two souls.  This happened to me, and the key to resolution is forgiveness without forgetting the past wrong that is the lesson we learned.

The second kind of karma is ones we create in our present lives. Everyone has created negative and positive karma with others.  I can safely say that there are no beings who have no karma to resolve that is created in the present.  This is particularly true in romantic relationships when we have wronged others meaning that we have deceived, betrayed, or lied to our loved ones over entering into another romantic relationship, such as an extra-marital affair or cheating on our romantic partners.

Many may argue with me about this point.  However, no matter how two people try to move on from how this relationship intially began, it will be wrought with problems as it began through deception, betrayal, and lies.  This foundation is not sound, and your loved ones will not wholeheartedly support this relationship.  I believe this is the karma created through the deception, betrayal and lies to our loved ones.

Karma will stay with our souls from lifetime to lifetime, so we may run but we can’t hide.  No amount of our egos’ delusions can change karma. So if you decide to enter into another romantic relationship, make sure you have honestly told your spouse or partner that your relationship with them is over, and is no longer working.  Enter the next relationship through honesty and truth so negative karma is not created by this new relationship.

As it is said, life is an echo.  What you do and say are reflected right back to you.  Do good, and good will return to you!  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

How to Protect Your Energy as an Empath!

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This weekend, I spent time away with a friend who I met four years ago.  During this weekend, I realized how much I have changed.  As an empath, I can feel what others feel and what they are thinking.  During our time together, I was able to observed and become aware of her feelings, and my own feelings about how I relate to her now.

As I was in my friend’s energy field, I felt all the old feelings of wanting to control everyone and everything around me.  What I feel the most in people’s field is fear. It is the most dominant feeling, and maybe it is the dominant feeling for all humans as I also feel fear myself.

During this weekend, I realized that I need better energetic, emotional, and physical boundaries with others.  I ended our weekend early with my friend  as I no longer could tolerate how she controls me and everything around her.  The interesting thing is that she kept repeating how easy going she is and how flexible she is.  In interacting with her, she is neither easy going nor reflexible as we did everything she wanted to do, and she directed me even when we walked while shopping or walking from the car.

As we parted ways early, I ended up going for a long walk in the beautiful outdoors, had the meal that I wanted to eat this weekend, and went to my favorite clothing store.  I don’t make as much money as her, and my focus is no longer to make a lot of money, but to service others.  Our paths are diverging now, because she is who I was four years ago.

When I return home, I plan to begin practicing how to separate my feelings from others, so they don’t affect me so much energetically or emotionally.  I am sharing an article called, “Are Those Your Feelings?”  This aritcle gives great tips and techniques on how best to do this.  Good luck with your practice!  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Finding Mr. or Ms. Right

d1251d6ee8ed93da20b0ea2dd031c501For a long time, I wondered what I was doing wrong that I never found the right partner in my life.  Upon reflection, I realized that it was my own confusion about this within myself.  I thought all the Mr. Wrongs were Mr. Rights.  When we are confused internally on what is right or best for us, we will never find Mr. or Ms. Right.

This is what I have learned.  Before we find Mr. or Ms. Right, we first must get rid of Mr. or Ms. Wrong.  In order to get rid of Mr. or Ms. Wrong, we must learn what is right or best for our lives.  How do we accomplish this?  We must improve our self esteem and worth through accepting and loving ourselves.  When we truly embrace self love in our lives, we begin to recognize what is best for us and right for our lives.  I accomplished this through Emotional Release Practice, but there are other forms of emotional healing practices as well.

Part of finding our path to Mr. or Ms. Right is our ability to release or let go of the attraction to Mr. and Ms. Wrong.  How do we know we are with Mr. or Ms. Wrong?  The signs are quite obvious, but we must be willing to see it, which is a huge hurdle.  Our friends and family will frequently clue us in that our partners cheat on us, lie to us, blame us for everything in their lives, physically, sexually, or emotionally abuse us, or even  sexually or physically assault us.  The signs are usually quite clear, but we refuse to see our own realities, and become angry or deny it when our friends and family warn us.

Once you do your emotional healing work, you will begin to see your reality clearer and clearer, and one day you just say, “I deserve better than this.”  These little magic words are your sign of recovery, and the power within to let go and release the Mr. and Ms. Wrongs in your life.  When you are able to let go of the Mr. and Ms. Wrongs in your life, you will begin to identify them in your future, and will never even engage with them again as you see them coming a mile away.

This is the secret to finding Mr. or Ms. Right in your life as they will more likely be a soulmate or twin flame.  Therefore, we must learn to let go or release Mr. and Ms. Wrong in our lives before we are rewarded with Mr. or Ms. Right.  Sending love and peace to you! (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Inner Closure

imageI realize while on my spiritual journey that closure of our past, with people, or of situations is an internal job.  It is internal through our intentions, thoughts, and actions.  Recently, I gave inner closure to my past.  I said good-bye to my past, and those who lived in it.  I fully acknowledge my past and my responsibilities in it, and forgave those who trespassed against me.

When we have closure of our past, we do not need to notify those in our past in any manner.  It really isn’t about them.  It is all about how we feel about the situations and the people of our past.  When we have true closure, we no longer need to dispute the facts, point fingers, or blame those in our past.

We simply no longer react to them in any way, because they no longer can affect us.  Therefore, those from our past can say things, do things, or react to us, but we no longer react to them.  This is evidence or reflection of true inner closure.  It is a beautiful thing!

As I close the chapters of my past, I move onto the chapters of my future.  In this new chapter, I open my heart to the world before me without fear of being hurt again, or fear from self doubt.  I begin to trust my instincts more and more.  The most amazing part of all this is that I begin to energetically repel those I attracted earlier in my life.  I no longer can tolerate their energy in my life or existence. How amazing is that?

In my new chapter,  I am meeting and attracting people more similar to those I wanted to attract earlier in my life, but was unable to because it was not who I was.  I believe I am ready to be with my soulmate now, and my  past prepared me for this union.  I was forced to dig deep into my past darkness to heal my emotional wounds, and overcome the trauma of my past.  I believe that I may have met my soulmate and am only able to be with him after this recent inner closure.  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Evolution of Your Life


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In the course of the evolution of my life, I have learned many invaluable lessons and insights into life in general.   What I have learned is that most relationships or people we encounter are karmic relationships.  If you question whether a relationship is karmic or not, it probably is.  Under the very small percentage chance that we meet our soulmates, and maybe our twin flames, which is even a smaller percentage chance, we cannot be with them until we have healed our emotional wounds, released our egos, learned self and unconditional love, and found happiness and peace within ourselves.

Our egos play an important role in fooling ourselves into believing that we have found our soulmates or twin flames.  The ego has its desires, need for control, and need to be right.  By virtue of this ego, you will believe that every relationship is “the one.”  In actuality, you are still learning life lessons, healing your emotional wounds, and learning to love yourself.  I have seen lovers believing that they are soulmates or twin flames when they engage in extramarital affairs with each other, lying and deceiving their loved ones, and even engage in emotional, sexual, and physical abuse with each other.   Our ego is that powerful within our psyche to fool us into believing these people are our soulmates or twin flames!

The purpose of karmic relationships is to help us learn our life lessons and in the evolution of our lives.  We know that karmic relationships are over when we have learned our life lessons, no longer feel attracted to them, and realize that we deserve better through self love.  It is then that we have evolved beyond them.  This is hard for the ego to accept, which is why it is difficult to truly see our reality and our truth until we have released our ego.  I share my technique called, “Observing Ego Practice,” to learn how to release your ego.    Remember, before you have released your ego, you will continue to be fooled by it.

What I believe is when we meet our soulmates or twin flames, it will be in an organic way and in person anywhere in the world as the Universe intended for this meeting.  It will not be through artificial means such as the Internet or other artificial manner, such as online dating.  When you meet them, you will not need to twist, bend, pretend, and change yourself to get along with them.  You need not find small similarities, such as compatible astrological signs, liking the same colors, or sharing minor interests. It will be obvious and clear, as you have the same life goals, values, interests, hobbies, music, religious and political views, and just about anything else.  Most importantly both of you will not be married, engaged or dating another.  It will be very obvious to both of you.

In the meantime, accept and appreciate the karmic relationships that come and go in your life as a step in the evolution of your life.  It serves a very important purpose to prepare you for your spiritual wholeness and your readiness to meet your soulmate or twin flame.  Let them go when you have evolved past these karmic relationships.  This letting go is part of your evolution, and you will feel an incredible propulsion forward in the evolution of your life when you do.  Experience this powerful evolution within yourself. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

The Truth about Kundalini Energy

th (51)I am writing about a taboo subject that very few people write about or disclose about their Kundalini experience.   As you may be aware, Kundalini energy is sexual energy resting at the base of the human spine.  When this energy is raised, it helps us with an awakening experience and creates awakening symptoms.  The side effect is heightened sexual energy that can get out of control.  This sexual energy is intended to help us expand our consciousness and spiritual awareness, expand to a higher vibration, and help us live a more authentic life. If this energy is not used for these purposes, we will try to release this energy sexually.

Many seek out other Kundalini active individuals for sex and energetic connections while still married to their husbands and wives.  On the surface, these sexual and energetic liaisons are believed to be true love, tantra, or twin flames, but these sexual and energetic connections cannot and do not last. This happened to me that ended my marriage to a very kind and wonderful man.  When I met this Kundalini active man in person at the time of my Kundalini rising, I felt this amazing intense energetic and sexual connection, and we shared this connection for over four years.

Through knowing this man, I learned that he shared the same intense energetic and sexual connection with many other Kundalini active women who he met on the Internet and many he never met in person.  I also heard stories from him about other Kundalini active individuals who engaged in these relationships, but they never lasted either, and most of us also ended our marriages as a result.  This is the trap of Kundalini energy as we need to transmute this energy to the creative and expand our spiritual consciousness.  When this energy is used for energetic and sexual connections with other Kundalini active individuals, you will be  led down a difficult path forcing you to see the emotional wounds and problems that still remain within you.  In a way, it is a catalyst for change, but it’s like a hurricane rather than a rain shower in your life.

If you choose this path, be prepared for the hurricane that will sweep through your emotional landscape and create havoc and chaos in your life.  On the other hand, you will be forced to face your reality very swiftly and quickly to change your life and ultimately to learn to let go of this Kundalini relationship that, I believe, is the purpose of these connections.  It was a difficult life lesson on letting go and self love, but one that I needed to learn. May you find your path forward. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Understanding the Law of Attraction


During this week in Miami Beach, I met many different people on my travels.  This gave me a better understanding about the Law of Attraction and how it works.  Under the Law of Attraction, like energy attracts like energy.  Thoughts, focus, intentions, emotional states, mental states, etc. all translate to a certain vibrational frequency.

So how does this work in reality?  There are multiple factors working at the same time.  First, there is our mental and emotional states that determine our fundamental vibrational frequency, or baseline frequency.  This baseline vibrational frequency is the most important frequency in attracting others. Our thoughts, intentions, and focus create a secondary layer of our vibrational frequency.  Therefore, thinking and focusing on positive and happy thoughts can improve our vibrational frequency, but does not fundamentally change it.

Emotional wounds such as trauma, abuse, and other injuries through lifetimes determine our baseline vibrational frequency.  These emotional wounds remain with our souls throughout our lifetimes.  Therefore, even if you have positive intentions, thoughts and focus during each lifetime, it cannot change our baseline frequency, until we have healed our emotional wounds.

Many in the spiritual community focus only on positive thoughts and intentions, but this is not enough to change our fundamental vibrational frequency.  We still will attract many negative and unhealthy people, events, and situations into our lives.  That is, we attract what we are and not what we want, so we will continue to attract what we are.

For example, for most of this lifetime, I have attracted sexually abusive men and mental ill women into my life either as supervisors, coworkers, lovers, or friends.  Because of my sexual abuse history with my father resulting in unhealed trauma, sexually abusive men can sense and feel this particular vibrational frequency.  These men exploited my emotional wounds because they too are emotionally wounded.

Interestingly, I observed these men sexually abusing and exploiting other women on the Internet with similar histories as mine by charming their way into their lives, through compliments and giving these women the attention they so need.  These men go from woman to woman, even married ones, until they tire of them frequently destroying marriages, passing on their sexually transmitted diseases, preying on your kindness to support their financial needs, and simply leaving destruction in their wake while continuing their philandering.

For these men who can manipulate energy, they are extremely proficient at attracting wounded women by using their sexual energy to lure us.  Do not be misled as this attraction is not love, it is not a soulmate or twin flame, it is unhealthy, and it is destructive, although it may feel familiar, comfortable, or effortless.  Because of our own emotional wounds or trauma, the secrecy, excitement, and attention from these men feel normal and familiar.  Other women on the Internet have shared these similar experiences.

Take a good look at your life.  Are you suffering? Are you losing finances? Are you destroying other relationships in your lives?  Is your life falling apart or becoming unhealthier by being involved with this person?  Are you taking on this person’s financial, emotional, or mental problems? These are sure signs that you are attracted based on unhealed emotional wounds or trauma.

What I have observed is that after I healed my emotional trauma from my sexual abuse, my attraction to these men simply vanished. That is, I no longer vibrate at the same vibrational frequency as them.  This attraction can be physical, sexual, or emotional.  Now,  I may even feel repulsion based on their vibrational frequency.

The only way to change this attraction is to heal our emotional wounds.  I have shared my healing methods and techniques in the tabs on the top of my website homepage, so please peruse them for processes that may work for you.  While you are recovering, use your intuition to determine the intentions of these individuals toward you and protect yourselves while you are still healing.

Therefore, simply thinking and focusing on the positive are not enough to truly attract what we want, as we have not changed what we are internally so we will continue to attract the same. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)