Kundalini Energy is Not a Twin Flame Connection


Unfortunately, I found this out the hard way.  Kundalini energy is not a twin flame connection.  If you have raised your Kundalini energy, and are involved with another Kundalini active person, it may feel like a twin flame connection.  This is why.  Kundalini energy is sexual energy that when shared with another has similar energetic feel because we are able to feel others’ thoughts, feelings, intentions, and feel sexually heightened due to this energy.

I am writing this post to share with those who are involved with another Kundalini active individual and believe they are your twin flame.  They probably are not.  Since my relationship with a Kundalini active man, I then dated non-Kundalini active men that felt very much ordinary until I met my twin flame.  It is only after entering into a romantic relationship with my twin that I realized that two Kundalini active individuals’ energy connection feel very much like a twin flame connection.

Here is the big difference.  Although this energetic connection may feel like a twin flame connection, there are few commonalities and similarities as twin flame would have.  If you believe you are in a twin flame relationships, the tell tale signs that you are not are that you may have some similarities, but live very different lifestyles, have differing interests, have different personalities, and did not meet in an organic way such as meeting in person.

When I met my twin flame in Italy in 2013, I did not recognize him as my twin because my spiritual work and emotional healing had not reached a level of full self awareness, and recognition of my own darkness. My ego was still running my life, and I was still connected in my mind to past karmic relationships.  Until I overcame my dark past, let go of my karmic relationships, and released my ego, I could not see him clearly although I felt him energetically.

This post is a warning to the wise that if you are Kundalini active and are engaged with another Kundalini active individual, and believe they are are your twin flame, you may be fooling yourself and still living in an illusion.  There are no short cuts to meeting your twin flame.  Like me, it took me a while to realize my reality, but ultimately, we all do. (Copyright 2017 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

What the Soul Knows


As some of my readers know, I have memories of my past lives. In one of my past lives, I was an unwed mother in the 1800’s living in the south of the United States. The father of my child and my suitor abandoned us and ran off with another woman.   I was the daughter of a well-to-do southern family, and my suitor was more interested in my family’s money than me or my daughter.  After he abandoned us, I gave birth to my daughter who I then gave up for adoption.

I have been searching for my daughter’s soul for many lifetimes, and wondered if she is okay.  Mothers never forget their children, even if many lifetimes have passed. We always have a knowing deep within about the child we aborted or gave up for adoption.  The scars run deep for mothers.

In this lifetime, I met a woman named Erin at work who reminds me a lot of myself.  She is strong-willed, smart, and takes no shit.  She also met her husband at our work, and she gave birth to a daughter named, Kathryn.   When Erin was pregnant with Kathryn, I had this incredible connection to Kathryn.  One day as I sat at work, I felt that Kathryn was arriving, and called Erin.  Incredibly when I called, Erin was enroute to the hospital because her water had just broken.

Erin was in labor for 36 hours, and I went to the hospital to wait for Kathryn on the night she came into the world.   In my mind, I saw Kathryn struggling to exit the birth canal as she was stuck and in crisis.  As I waited, I finally felt and saw Kathryn leaving the birth canal.  Although she was not breathing and was very small when she was born, she is a healthy, smart, and happy toddler now.

As I am leaving to move to California, I spent Thankgiving and New Year’s Eve with Kathryn and her parents.  I believe Kathryn has the soul of my past daughter from another lifetime, and I know she is in good hands with loving parents.  I will miss her little face, and wonderful strong-willed personality.  I finally found my daughter, and know that she is okay.

Souls don’t forget souls, and death does not change what the soul knows.  Death is a mere transition for the soul, and knowing this makes death less frightening for me. I know I will encounter my loved ones again in another lifetime, or maybe as an etheral body in the Universe.  Whatever the case, we will all see each other again. Sending love and light to you in the new year! (Copyright 2017 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

The Miracle of Birth


Tonight, my close friend delivered her baby girl, Kathryn. I believe I have a special connection with baby Kathryn.  Yesterday, as I was at work, a voice told to call my friend.  As I called her and she answered the phone, she told me that her husband was driving her en route to the hospital as her water had just broken.  What amazing synchronicity to able to hear baby Kathryn letting me know she is ready to come into the world.

At work today, I thought to myself, it would be nice if I can be at the hospital for Kathryn’s birth. By 5 pm baby Kathryn had not arrived, so I went to the hospital to wait for her.  By 7 pm she still had not arrived, so I decided to have dinner.

At around 7:30 pm while eating dinner, I sensed something was wrong, and saw in my mind that baby Kathryn was struggling to come out of her mother.  Her red face was squished with tufts of dark hair on her head.  She was having trouble, and I sent love and strength to her to be strong and brave so she can safely arrive into the world.

I quickly finished dinner and headed back to the hospital.  When I returned, baby Kathryn had safely arrived to the world at 7:31 pm, but she needed oxygen right after birth, so they are keeping her in the nursery overnight for evaluation as she had difficulty during her birth just as I saw in my mind.

She has a reddish face and body with a squished face and tufts of black hair on her head.  It was amazing to see the birth of Kathryn even though I was not in the birthing room with her and my close friend.  My friend is recovering well, and I am so proud of her strength and endurance during her 20 hours of labor.

Tomorrow,  I hope to meet this amazing baby Kathryn in person, and welcome her to the world. This connection I have with baby Kathryn is a miracle, and her struggle during her birth will give her strength and courage throughout her life.  I love you, baby Kathryn. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Grieving for Our Loss


Through every transformation, there is giving up of an old life that you lived before the transformation.  It was something I never really thought about as I have been transforming on my spiritual journey for the past three and half years.  As we heal our past emotional pain, we shed our old selves to transform into a new version of ourselves like a caterpillar into a butterfly.

For a butterfly, it is the natural progression of things, but for humans, we have awareness of what is happening to us.  There is a grieving of this past life of who I was, what I experienced, and the people in my past.  This grieving is part of the transformation process.  I cry frequently during my day as I let her go, and watch my past fade away.

It is not that I want to hang onto that past, but to acknowledge that I had this past and it is time to move forward in my life.  It has been a difficult process for me, as letting go is very hard for me.  In letting go, I move forward without the expectations of my past, without the judgments, without taking on others burdens, and without holding onto my past pain.

In grieving for this loss, I will be able to let go of my past in peace.  For I surrender to what is intended for me in my life as I shall finally shed the skin that no longer fits me and as the new version of me comes into view. (Copyrigh 2014 Soul Awakening with All Rights Reserved)

Who are the “Chosen Ones”?

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For a long time, I didn’t understand what it meant to be the “chosen ones” of God. Many religions speak about being the chosen people of God, but I have found that God does not choose this, we do.  When we chose a path of truth about ourselves, heal the wounds of our past, find the path of light and life through positive energy, and live the life through unconditional love and compassion, we become the “chosen ones.”   We must want this with every ounce of our being, and persevere even when we believe we cannot go forward.

Our paths then are full of synchronicity, we live in peace, people see our lives as being blessed, and we live as if flowing effortlessly down a calm river.  All of these blessings are through the hard work of letting go of ego’s control, facing the ugliness of our own truth, healing our painful emotional past, and finding our way to light, and unconditional love.  We go through so much darkness before we find that light within all of us.  In every religion, the scriptures speak about the struggles involved, and only after these struggles or awakening are we rewarded with enlightenment.
Recently, I realize that the calling of those of us who are Kundalini active is to serve as catalysts for others.  Our role is to help catalyze change in others, but their change is done by them not by us.  Someone recently said that I am a leader in the community, and I said, “no, I am a catalyst, not a leader.”  Catalysts do not become part of the change, we need to move onto others who seek this change.  If others do not wish to change, then we must move past them onto others who do. As catalysts, their ultimate change must come from them as we merely inspire, encourage, and point them in the right direction.  May you find your path as the “chosen ones.”  (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit wiht All Rights Reserved)

Healing the Throat Chakra


During some recent body work and Reiki energy work, I learned more about one of my earlier lifetimes.  About a year ago, I had a vision of an earlier lifetime when I lost my mother as a small Native American child.  In this vision, I watched a shaman trying to help my mother, but she died and I saw her spirit leave her body.  In this earlier lifetime, I was an Native American male, and saw that I was quite sickly.

In this recent vision, I was sitting over some type of smoke or steam with a blanket over my head as some form of medical treatment.  My Reiki practitioner working on me saw that I had an injury to my throat that caused me to be reclusive and also affected my hearing. I believe that this throat blockage is associated with the emotional pain of my mother’s death.

During my treatment with this Reiki practitioner, she told me that I currently have a throat chakra blockage from these past lifetime experiences. I have been working to remove this blockage for several months now as I continue to work to release those energy blockages through body work, Reiki, and crystals healing for my throat chakra.  As I release the blockages here, I will be better able to speak my truth and ask for what I want and need in my life.  May you find your voice to speak your truth. (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Accepting Myself Fully


As we near the core of our inner emotional pain, it can be a scary place. This is touching our emotional wounds where childhood memories were so painful that we just want to forget and bury it deep down. However, this is the origin of all our pain, some buried so deep from childhood that we may not remember that they even happened.

This is where my journey has lead me to face myself and my past. This time, however, I am not running away from it. No more self medicating with my addiction of choice, but facing what happened to me head on. I cry a lot, feel such grief that my heart hurts, and mourn the loss of joy, love, and safety in my childhood.

This was my past, and it is accepting this as part of me fully, and still be able to love myself. It is coming to love myself without judgment, and forgive myself for being small, vulnerable, and frightened. I am working on my core fears, instead of running away as I know I am finally able to face them. (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Meeting My Soul Again


Where boundaries lie,

I cannot see,

When reality and dreams collide.

While misty rain upon my face,

Takes me to another place.

Into the wildness of my mind,

Where I lose myself.

To unveil another life,

I could not see,

All the possibilities.

Into the inner realm of my being,

Where I meet my soul I again.

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Gracefully Letting Go


The concept of letting go has eluded me for most of my life.  I hang onto everything forever.  I have come to realize why I hang onto everything forever, and it is the part of me that is wounded that causes me to hang onto hurt and pain for so long.  It is the part of me that wants to feel loved but did not receive it as a child.  When we begin to heal that injured part of us by releasing all the bottled up pain and hurt, and by giving that love to ourselves, we are able to begin letting go of unhealthy relationships and situations in our current life.  I use Emotional Release Practice found at this tab on my Blogsite Homepage in conjunction, most recently, with body work, yoga, art therapy, music therapy, and writing.

Through these methods of healing, I am learning to let go.  What I have experienced about letting go is that it comes in gradual stages.  When we begin to truly let go, it  is letting go of our own desires of outcomes.  For me, it is my desire to reunite with my parents as a happy family.  In reality, this cannot be and my desires are merely an illusion that I must give up in order to end my own suffering and disappointments. Our refusal to let go of our past will cause our present life with others to be filled with the same suffering and disappointments.  

The beauty of these methods is that true healing occurs, and we don’t need anger, resentment, or hate to force us to let go.  The process is very natural and letting go becomes more and more effortless.  May you let go of things not meant for you. (Copyright 2014 Kundlini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)