I forgive you,

I let you go.

The harm from our past,

Will no longer haunt us.

Karma brought us together,

To help us heal our rift.

It was never meant to be,

You and me.

Many lifetimes of hurt,

Repeating again and again.

I remember you,

Each time,

I could not let you go.

In this life,

We learn to forgive, let go.

For our future,

We shall never meet again,

Be happy, be well.

I will miss you,

As I have always loved you.

This love,

I will always remember.

(Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Learning to Trust

Trust-182-quotespick-2916 (1)

This past week has been an exercise for me to learn how to trust men.  My father violated my family’s trust many times with infidelities, lies, deceptions, and his addictions.   I realize now that learning to trust men is my life lesson in this lifetime.  In my emotional work, I take every opportunity in my life to learn different ways of feeling and reacting.  I am beginning to approach those I encounter and in my life in a different way.

This past week, we are deciding on who to hire as a new staff member in my office. The person we all like made a facial misrepresentation on his resume, as he left his job but represented that he was still employed there.  I found this out through a reference check with his current employer.  Initially, I was upset and disappointed with this discovery as I sensed that this young man is decent and kind person.

Instead of making certain assumptions and jumping to conclusions, I decided to contact him to give him an opportunity to explain and the benefit of the doubt. After speaking with him, I believed that he was not intentionally trying to deceive us as he left his job after initially submitting his resume, and he later sent a note apologizing for his oversight.  During my interview with him, I explained that the most important part of our working relationship is trust.  If I don’t trust my subordinates, I will be unwilling to protect them when difficult situations arise at the workplace. I was impressed by this young man who had enough self esteem and awareness to acknowledged his oversight.

As for me, trust begins at home.  We must let go of our past hurts when we were betrayed by those we love. Give up the past, and give those in the present an opportunity to trust them.  I believe that trust is rooted in love, and when we trust someone, we deeply love them in a platonic way, of course.  It is the basis for peace in our world.  We create wars, and conflicts because we experienced past breach of trust and we hold onto that hurt so tightly refusing to let go.  We instead apply the practice of hurt them before they hurt us, or hurt them because they have hurt us.  May we all find peace in our world. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

In the Harmony of Love


You are the warm wind,

Blowing through the desert.

When my heart feels lost,

You are there to comfort me.

The moments of my journey,

Can feel solitary and quiet,

But I know you are there,

In the energetic current,

Flowing freely in bliss.

This is where my journey has lead me,

Through cold desert nights,

And warm sunlit mornings.

Ever flowing as one,

In the harmony of love.

(Copyright 2015 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)


There is no Love without Courage


People speak regularly of love in the spiritual community.  Love is not words we say, but in the face of difficulty and fear, we continue to love others.  It is facing these difficulties and fears through our courage, yet we still continue to love those in our lives.  We assure those we love that in spite of our difficulties and fears, we still love them.  Today, I am learning how to do just this.

I was driving back from lunch with a friend in her car.  As she was driving, she was not paying attention to the road and almost ran into an oncoming car.  I was very frightened by the near miss of hitting another car, and did not want to be injured.  In the past, I would have reprimanded her for her carelessness.  This time, I cautioned her to be careful, but told her that I love her and want her to be safe.  I assured her that although I felt real danger that I still love her.  I think this made her feel better about her carelessness, and made her feel less guilty.

Sometimes, even in the face of real danger and fear, we can make our point without hurting those we love.  We tell them that we love them, and want the best for them and for us.  Love is one of those emotions that has less to do with what we want or need, and more to do with how we make others feel without dishonesty or passivity.  I am learning how to love others everyday now.  May you find love through your courage. (Copyright 2015 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)

Path to Happiness

quote-srichinmoyThe secret to happiness, I believe is this quote above, “Your heart must become as sea of love. Your mind must become a river of detachment.”  Most people can achieve the first part of this quote that our heart can become a sea of love.  There are many forms of love as shown in the photos below, and as humans, we appear to learn to love as children.


So, we all can love in many ways.  However, the key to true freedom and thus, happiness in one’s life is detachment.  That is what I have been striving for in the past four years.  There are no external things, persons, or events that control our emotional well being or our peace.  The world may whirl around us with chaos, drama, and instability, but we move forward peacefully and with certainty.  It is living in a world through this objectivity without being pulled into the chaos, drama, and instability of the world around us.

On my spiritual journey, I am moving closer and closer to this goal.  It is not indifference, as I feel great love and compassion for my loved ones.  It is just that I no longer need them to be happy, or any objects or events for that matter. What I feel is I no longer take things personally, when people criticize me or leave me.  I am very object and thoughtful in my perspective of things, and let things go faster and faster.  The events and people in my life no longer rule my emotions or divert my purpose as I move forward on my path to happiness. (Copyright 2015 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)


The Practice of Love


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and it is appropriate to share my thoughts about love.  Love is the most difficult emotion to achieve, and reflect in our behaviors and actions.  We can say “I love you” a thousand times to our loved ones, but it is the showing of patience, kindness, compassion, protection, and trust that truly shows that we love them.  Otherwise, “I love you” are merely words.

Words are nice, but they are empty and worth little to our loved ones.  The spiritual community preaches love to everyone, but I see more words than actions.  It is these actions that truly prove that our love are not only words. I now am practicing these actions in my life with my loved ones.  (Copyright 2015 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)

Healing Ourselves to Help Our Loved Ones

images (2)

During these past few days, I discovered how best to help loved ones through their difficulties. To my own surprise, I discover that the best way to help our loved ones is to heal ourselves.  Let me explain.  When our loved ones are hurting, they come to us for support and care. What they truly need from us is not to react to their problem.

When we love someone we are less objective and more likely to project our own fears and concerns onto our loved ones.  When we are more healed, we are able to help our loved ones through their ordeal, as the focus is on them and not on us.

This is probably why many people use therapists and counselors to help them with emotional issues as good and ethical counselors will help us through our issues without becoming emotionally entangled.  When we heal ourselves, we too can become more objective in our support and care of our loved ones, since our fears are less likely to be triggered.

I am learning this through my own recovery, so I can be more supportive and compassionate toward my loved ones without becoming emotionally enmeshed in their emotional issues.  May you heal to help your friends and family. (Copyright 2015 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)


To Be Thankful

Be thankful

Today is a day to be thankful for all the love we have in our lives.  I give thanks for those who looked in on me during this holiday because of my family difficulties, friends who shared their Thanksgiving holiday with me, and those who thought of me during this holiday.  I give thanks to the Universe for sending these people into my life.

As I heal more and more, I meet those who take care of each others, who are thoughtful and unselfish, and who are compassionate toward those less fortunate.  When I reflect upon my life, I feel hopeful for myself and my world.  I believe there is good in the world, even after experiencing abuse, abandonment, and hurt in my life by those I love.

I do not give into despair and darkness, as I have hope and love for our world.  It is this hope and love that will carry us forward onto another day.  Today, I give thanks for all the love that I have in my life.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones, even if you cannot be with them today.