Emotional Release Practice


The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy is a powerful one. It states that all persons have within them the power to change the conditions in their lives. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones; thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding the Universal Laws and applying the principles in such a way as to effect change.

I have experienced this in the course of my spiritual journey that I was able to dramatically change my energy from a lower vibration to a higher one.  This energy shift changed me almost into an entirely different person. My energy now flows fluidly through my chakras and body exiting through my crown chakra.  I was able to achieve this through what I call “self therapy” or emotional release practice that is to resolve our unresolved emotional issues.

The first step to transmuting energy is to identify the unresolved emotional issue. For those of us who have been in psychotherapy, my issues were identified through a therapist.  In order to work through these issues, we must look to the pain underlying this problem.  For example, if we find ourselves seeking love from and through others, it is likely that we did not receive this love from our parents.  If we fear being abandoned by our lovers and friends, we may have been abandoned emotionally or physically during our formative years as a child.  You get the idea.

Once identified, then the real work begins. We must experience the pain underlying the problem.  Therefore, if we failed to receive love from our parents, we must experience the sadness beneath and give that love to ourselves.  If we were abandoned by our parents, then we must experience the underlying fear, and give ourselves comfort and safety.  And so on.

I use writing poetry, creating art, or playing or composing music to raise these feelings. They also may arise as negative thoughts within your minds. The process is as follows:  1) Begin by taking deep breaths with the in breath as long as your out breath.  2) Allow the feelings to rise within you, but do not react emotionally or label/judge these feelings.  4) Give compassion to yourself by telling yourself, it’s okay to have these thoughts and feelings. Try to identify your emotions without judgment, and give yourself compassion and comfort.  5) When you have experienced these emotions fully, let it go through imagery like releasing a balloon into the sky.  Watch it float away.  5) Repeat as many times as these feelings arise within you.

When our sadness, fear, resentment, jealousy, anger, etc. is experienced fully, then we will finally release this emotional pain when our vibrational energies will shift and our physical pain triggered by this emotional pain also will disappear. What I experienced in the past two years was truly a miracle.  (Copyright 2013 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

25 thoughts on “Emotional Release Practice”

  1. Loved the article! I started noticing overall energy changes in me about a year ago when began regular meditations. I simply wanted to meditate for relaxation, imagining the energy of violet and silver light flowing into my Crown chakra from above… And in a short while i started experiencing an amazing raise in my energy vibrations, which eventually enhanced my intuitive and psychic abilities.
    And you were right saying that energy rise can make us feel a completely different person.
    As any process of transformation, it puts you through some challenges, as a lot of old emotional issues and blockages get released, but so do we release a lot of old draining attachments and memories. The experience is amazing, i totally share it!

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  2. Hi Brooke. I’ve been reading your posts for months since I began kundalini yoga I’m July. I’ve spent the past few years working with various psychotherapists, meditating and journaling to heal my past but the true healing began when I found kundalini. My life has completely changed – I’ve let go of a lot of unhealthy relationships including my fiancé and a job that had me riddled within anxiety. I’m really beginning to heal my soul and it’s extremely tough being head on with all of these changes within and without. It is definitely not as tough as it is living life with a heavy heart in a materialistic world though do I remind myself daily of this.

    I have a couple of questions I thought u might please answer for me… When u say we need to embrace the underlying feeling like fear, abandonment etc. and give that love/comfort to ourselves, could u please explain a little more about that? Is that when the feeling arises, sit with it, feel it fully and allow it pass, don’t distract ourselves, to go within, give that love to ourselves? I get confused because sometimes the pain is so intense and heavy I can’t breathe and it consumes me automatically. I feel it needs to come out that way so I let it happen and journal a lot whenever I feel the need. I’ve let a lot of physical pain release doing this so I guess it’s helping somewhat. Would u say that’s reacting emotionally and not letting it go? I’ve tried the emotional release practice you have suggested and struggle letting whatever it is I’m trying to let go of, my ego tells me it’s pointless but I do feel I’m getting lighter with each release I’ve had.

    Thank u for the beautiful support u provide, I love your insight, your posts consistently help me on my journey and allow me to see things from a different perspective which I feel is a true gift.

    Amber xox


    1. Hi Amber, let me explain what happens to me. When I have some painful emotion arise because someone has hurt me or triggered my past emotional pain, the key to emotional release practice is not to react to this emotion. We feel the pain come up, we embrace and acknowledge it for what it is, but we do not need to react to it. When you sit long enough with this pain, it will pass. If the emotion is intolerable, trying deep belly breathing or other forms of deep breathing. You can try meditation also to cope without reacting. Then repeat each time this painful emotion rises. You may need to practice “Ego observation practice” before you can fully become proficient at emotional release practice as your ego is spreading fear within you that causes you to react. Hope this helps. Love & hugs, Brooke


  3. Thanks Brooke. I can’t describe in words how much light your posts have brought into my life, thank you for taking the time to share your journey with us all. I’ve been doing your ego observation practice for some time along with my journaling and it really has helped me to see my egos as they appear, one thing I have struggled with recently is when I do see it and the pain associated with it arises, do I continue going about doing what I was doing or stop completely and sit with it until it passes? This particular ego is anxiety based which arises when I’m doing day to day tasks like cleaning, washing up, eating etc. what are your thoughts? xx


    1. Hi Amber, how interesting that the ego observation practice will bring up these negative emotions, as it does make sense that your ego is bringing up fear in you since you are trying to release ego’s control on you. When the negative emotions arise after ego observation practice, I would practice the emotional release practice. In both practices, you are the observer and do not react to what you are experiencing, but only acknowledging these emotions or ego’s responses. Good luck! Blessings of healing light, Brooke


  4. Can you please help me with coping with this intense sexual energy? I am a middle aged woman, widowed, who has practiced meditation for 10 years. I have enjoyed the joy that I have experienced especially in the past year as my energy level has risen, but I was completely unprepared for this sexual energy. There are very strong vibrations focused on my sexual organs, which if allowed would cause multiple orgasms. I realize this may not sound like a problem to some people, but I find it very invasive and intruding. It seems to come now completely on its own. I feel it during the day as I go about my activities, but at night it becomes very strong and I find myself trying to hold everything back. I feel this energy is far too strong for me to handle and it could almost consume me if allowed. I am tired and feel very alone and different from everyone….can you help?


    1. Hi Diane, I am sorry you are having this difficulty. Sexual energy does not need to be released through a partner, but can be released through emotional release practice, energy work such as Reiki, Chi Gong, acupuncture, and massage, yoga, exercise, artistic expression, music, dance, or other forms.

      There is no quick fix once your Kundalini energy is raised, as it is a life long endeavor. Please see the following post on “Transmuting Kundalini Sexual Energy”: https://serpentguide.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/transmuting-kundalini-sexual-energy/

      I hope this helps you. Sending you blessings and light!


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