Kundalini Recovery Process – The Stages

I recently read an article by Charles L. Whitfield, MD on the “Perspective from a Map of the Psyche and the Kundalini Recovery Process.” In his article, his discusses the different stages of emotional recovery during Kundalini, and spiritual bypass of these steps as traps in the Kundalini recovery process and becoming stuck at that stage.

Table.      Recovery and Duration According to Stages,
                 with Ease of Understanding and Using Spiritual Energy
Recovery     Condition            Focus of             Approximate      Understanding &
Stage                                       Recovery             Duration            Using Spiritual Energy
     3        Human/Spiritual      Spirituality             Ongoing              Easier
     2        Past trauma            Trauma-specific      3-5+ years           Some difficulty
                                              recovery program
     1        Stage 0 disorder      Basic-illness full     1/2 to 3 years       Difficult
                                               recovery program
     0        Active illness           Usually none           Indefinite            Most difficult

“Stage 0 is active illness where there may be acute symptoms of Post Traumatic Distress Disorder (“PTSD”) that is current day events triggering and reminding us of our past trauma, depression, anxiety, or other mental conditions.  In stage 0, there is no active recovery occurring.  In stage 1, recovery begins of the stage 0 conditions.  After stage 1 is complete usually after at least a year of recovery work, there may be emotional release and movement of energy. Once stage 0 conditions are resolved and stabilized, then stage 2 recovery may begin.”

“Stage 2 recovery involves the healing the effects of past traumas, sometimes called adult child or codependence issues.  “Adult child is a term that has been used to refer to anyone who grew up in an unhealthy, troubled, or dysfunctional family. Many adult children may still be in a similarly unhealthy environment, whether at home, in one or more relationships or at work. Because a Kundlaini arousal often brings up our unconscious material, working a stage 2 recovery will likely help us heal, and authentic humility assists us with this and in our spiritual growth.  Humility is facilitated by having the courage to make the choice movement by movement, to let go of ego-centered thinking and behaving.”

“Stage 3 recovery is the state into which we may be compelled prematurely by having a spiritual awakening.  It includes the experience of spirituality and its incorporation into our daily life.  It is an ongoing process.  In this stage we make meaning of our past. We are now more aware of being free of old beliefs and can work through conflicts faster as we create more stability in ours lives.”

“Trying to avoid this work of stages 1 and 2 recovery can also be called premature transcendence or high level denial.”   What happens is that our false self will usually pull us back until we work through our particular unfinished business in stages 1 and 2, since these stages of recovery are unavoidable.  Hope you find this interesting and helpful!

Excerpt from Charles L. Whitfield, MD on the “Perspective from a Map of the Psyche and the Kundalini Recovery Process.

4 thoughts on “Kundalini Recovery Process – The Stages”

  1. Hi
    Is this an indication that to fully recover from old traumas will take up to 5 years after the first Kundalini onset?
    My, am I in for a ride. Electrical vibrations has been felt since 2011… Full awareness of Kundalini last summer during an intenste magic musrhoom trip. Shamanic off course.
    Now, symptoms coming out of my gills and shoulder blades.. A tendinitis. Food sensitivities… Periods of insomnia… Feeling of constant fatigue…Old issues coming up….
    If this will take up to five years, I better check in with my doctor to get something arranged to have an income as ‘Disabled’ for the next five years..



    1. My Recovery through kundalini took approximately six years with intense, nearly daily work. For some other Kundalini active individuals, it has taken longer. It will depend on how much work you are willing to do and your willingness to face your demons. Most physicians in Western medicine will not understand or even know about how to treat your symptoms. I used Reiki practitioners, acupuncturist, and other non-traditional medicine to help me cope with my symptoms. Wishing you healing on your journey.


      1. Thank you for your response.
        Is there any way I can get a diagnosis from my doctor to get me off the “work force” as it were?
        Stomach issues has been one issue the last decade.

        All I know that as a HSP person, I need to get away from the human drama of the city and the rat race as soon as possible.

        Are there any estimate over how many people who have had a spontaneous kundalini activation with all the growing pains that comes with it?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Slointe,

        Kundalini unfortunately is not a recognized illness by Western medical practitioners, and therefore, you are unlikely to obtain disability for your job as a recognized diagnosis is needed. However, I recommend that you find another profession that you can transition as I did and moved out to the country away from people and drama. Hope you find this helpful!


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