My Poetry


The Rising Dawn

Allow the world to slumber,
For I accept my world as it is,
Those awaken will move forward,
And those who are not will remain,

Feel the bliss rising to the sky,
That will transcend to glowing energy.
For all the world will awaken to a rising dawn,
To a new way of feeling and being.

The inevitable evolution to new creation.
When all the world will feel their energy rising,
To a new beginning of Adam and Eve.

The garden blossoms with fragrant perfume,
And the sea rises to meet the mountains.
Hold my hands and we shall find it together,
For we will finally realize we are one. 

Kingdom of Heaven

Light reflects upon the mirroring waters,
Shining in lunar night.
I await upon the shore,
For echos in the wind,
Of words of mystical wisdom.
It is where I find myself,
Fully exposed, baring my soul,
To the lunar muse before me.
In search of the magical cipher,
That is the key to the kingdom of heaven.
This elusive kingdom where we all seek,
On our journey forward,
The magic lures us there.
Each with our hearts open for this moment,
Bursting with bliss.
When we finally arrive in exultation and joy,
We will realize it has always been here,
Exactly where we stand within ourselves. 

The Glow of Divine Union

Light seeps through cracks on walls,
As shadows fall away.
Through obscurity are the images,
On torn walls of my past,
Reminding me to move forward.
Dusk looms outside worn windows,
With faded curtains still hanging.
Awaiting the sunrise to warm my being,
From winters pale glow.
As dawn turns into day,
I long for Divine union within.
To feel wholeness,
From dreams long ago of my beloved.
Ecstatic, rapturous, and joyous,
When union timely arrives,
And heaven is on earth.


This sanctuary we know as sisterhood,
Embodies the mysterious sacred feminine.

A bond so beautiful and mystical,
We only understand it when felt,
On an unspoken, knowing dimension.
This love rests in a protected part of our hearts,
To share a bond that endures the seasons.
Flowing through compassion and joy,
We spread this love to one another,
Supporting each other,
Through hardships and loneliness,
To give comfort when our hearts are broken.
It is that which we do not give a name,
But merely a feeling and understanding.
When sisters stand united, mountains move,
For we have come to this moment,
Where roads intersect and visions merge.
When power and gentleness are entwined,
Forever in unity,
Our world will be forever changed. 

Brilliance of Inner Light

Transforming is the inner light,
Radiating outward in aura of brilliance,
And bliss warms my heart with quiet peace.

Touched by the hands of the Divine,
With energy shining through my light body,
Warm, inviting, and giving.

In the moment, I rejoice in the life I am given,
With no worries of future expectations,
And no pain from past wounds.

This Divine gift wrapped in glitter and gold,
Waits for no one,
Moving forth in brilliant light.

With Divine timing.
My time has finally come,
To receive this life with joy and wonder.

Knowing my higher self has guided me here,
To the destiny my soul awaits,
Without regret, remorse, or hesitation.

I seize the moment,
Breathless in anticipation,
When I finally come back to my soul. 

Through My Heart

Within me is your light,
That sustains me in every moment.
Every leaf and bud is your shadow,
That resonates with the spring rain,
Gently falling on my face.
My heart, soft and warm like the sun,
Greeted each morning by your vibrations,
The nights are filled with you enveloping me,
Around me and through me.
In my dreams, our hearts dance sultry and slow,
Awaiting the moon to wake me,
From my blissful slumber. 

In Solitude

Peace is when we are able to accept,
Our life as it is.
It is looking at the face of someone we love,
Who does not return our love.
Without pain and anger,
We walk forward along our path.
We are able to love others,
Without expecting anything in return.
Our hearts no longer wounded,
And our eyes no longer filled with tears.
The strength of our own love,
Carries us forward with dignity and knowing.
Acceptance arrives only after,
We have shed our tears.
The sun rises again to a new dawn,
When joy and peace are our friends,
To keep us company,
Even when we are alone in our solitude.

In Dreams with Angels

Soft petals of roses subtle against my face,
With gentle yearning in my heart,
I hear the callings of Angel whispers,
Above the heavenly clouds.
Here I meet my soul’s shadow,
Reminding me of the love within,
Longing for the memory of my soul’s birth.
Where I shall find wholeness.
My time is approaching,
To where the realms will converge,
In simplicity through dreams.
I shall find you again within me,
Entwined as vines of ripe fruit,
With hints of sweet perfume, aromatic and fragrant.
I sail towards destine shores,
Where my journey shall lead me,
Back to where by journey first began. 

In the Light of Love

In the light we dwell,
When we have seen the darkness within.
Through the shadows,
We walk to find ourselves.
The truth guides us,
Toward light in the distance,
For we are lost without a compass.
In the darkness, a flicker of light,
Emanating from love.
It is the source of our hopes,
Where we find our inner strength,
To know the difference between light and darkness,
Finding our souls and the truth lying within.
We shall find our guiding light,
Never forgetting this love is real.
It is love for ourselves,
That we have lost and forgotten,
But it returns to remind us,
That we are worthy of this love. 

Divine Feminine and Masculine Union

The heavens move me,
Floating in infinite space.
I feel this peace in the ethereal plane.
What is this feeling?
Moving between the particles of time,
Waiting for the infinite to touch my being.
I float not knowing where it will take me.
Writing to you contemporaneously,
While experiencing this sensation.
I come into awareness,
Union with the Universe.
The Divine Feminine and Masculine blissfully wedded.
Two circuits forever entwined into eternity,
Shakti and Shiva in love within me. 

Touched by Grace

As the sun sets beyond the horizon,
I feel a part of the sky.
Luminous in the glow of watercolor hues,
My spirit moves upward to touch the Divine.
Wind moving through the clouds,
Creating magical sculptures of cotton,
Such beauty that takes my breath away.
Even the winter scene brings warmth to my heart.
I am part of everything around me.
There is only oneness.
I am one with all, and all is one with me. 

Inner Stillness

Rain falling on window panes,
With branches like spider veins, leafless and bare,
Winter’s chill is in the air, damp and cold.
Snow-capped mountains in the horizon,
With frosty silhouettes of trees in dormant rest,
Inner stillness is within me in silent calm.
With only my thoughts as companion,
Aloneness is comforting and peaceful,
With muted light of descending clouds above.
Soulful are my emotions,
Mellowed by the tranquility of my mind,
While I view in silence the beauty of my world. 

The Seduction of the Divine Feminine

She is reclined with silken skin reflecting in the shadow,
Deepness of her hair shines in the darkness.
She glows with light glistening in the moonlight,
Breathtaking beauty surrounds her silhouette.
I feel her skin subtle against my touch.
Fragrant smell of her breath seduces my senses.
I am in awe of her presence and grace.
I taste her upon my lips,
Her breast soft and inviting,
Her yoni yearning for more.
She has been waiting for me,
She cannot wait another minute.
Energy smooth as silk flowing in and through her.
We are united in this sensual flow.
Together forever, never to lose each other again.
For she is me, and I am she. 

Goddess Spirit

Spirit soars without boundary,
Without form in quiet surrender.
Takes me into twinkling splendor,
of the cosmos.
Here I expand with her,
Into the infinite.
I surround and envelope her.
Lips that touch my heart,
As she comforts me.
In gentle silence,
We sway in effortless grace,
As our spirits float in suspended space,
She and I forever entwined,
As fruit ripen on its vine,
With scents of orchids and lilies,
Reminding me that heaven is on earth. 

My Surrender

Taste the salty air after a storm,
Where the waves have washed away my pain.
Warm sand under my feet,
Still warm from the sun.
Waves lapping against me,
Washing over me.
The ocean beneath my back,
As I stare up at the infinite sky,
Wondering if I am indeed free.
Is this surrender I feel,
Or is there more to heal?
I allow the current to carry me,
Away into the deep,
With no worries in the moment.
Free to feel the wake,
Never knowing where I will land,
For there is where I will find my destiny. 

In the Dawn
 In the dawn, when darkness meets light,
I can feel the darkness my heart holds dear.
In this moment, I hear the cries of many lifetimes,
Despair that runs deep.
But this is my past, I must accept.
The radiance of light warms the earth,
Cleansing the wounds and healing the pain.
Softly the glow warms my soul,
Like warm sunshine upon my face,
Until it gently flows into my being.
Comforting and enfolding is this light,
Cradling me within its embrace.
This is love for myself,
that only I can give.
I embrace this love within my heart,
For this love will last forever. 
(Copyright 2014 Journey of Awakening with All Rights Reserved)

10 thoughts on “My Poetry”

  1. Poem , Music.. All Speak about Opening Up, New Life & SELF..
    Could you please share how to raise Kundali.. where to practice it, Who can teach
    Thanks ~ Pankaj


    1. Your Kundalini will rise naturally when you are ready to change your life. When it rises, it is permanent and irreversible. When it rises within you, you will face your inner most darkness, including all your emotional hurts, wounds, and pains. You will face physical pain if you have blockage in your chakras or energy body that you did not know you can tolerate. You will know your Kundalini rose when you have permanent energy vibrations in your body. When your Kundalini rises naturally, you will not need a teacher and will be guided by your higher self in the ascension process. Blessings and light, Brooke


    1. My apologies, but I do not understand your question. Can you please elaborate? I do not practice Kundalini yoga, but practice spirituality through the ascension process using emotional release method. Namaste, Brooke


  2. Brooke, How to raise kundalani .. you said, it happen naturally, when you want to change..
    But, how it happen, i mean how can we understand that it is happening. is there any way to practice this , or any way to realize this technique
    Thanks ! Namaste !


    1. Hello Friend, I did not practice any technique that I can share. I did not even practice spirituality when my Kundalini rose. The key is to have a genuine wish to change your life in your thoughts and heart. When your Kundalini rises, you will feel an electric current rising from your sacrum up your spine resulting in a permanent energy vibration in your body. Maybe others who practice a tehcnique can share their technique with you? Hope this answers your questions. Please know that you do not need to have Kundalini to awaken or ascend spiritually. Namaste, Brooke


      1. Hi Brooke,
        The information you are sharing is very interesting. In July of 2012, I met a man that I would say my soul recognized before my mind understood what was happening. When I looked into his eyes, I felt an electrical bolt and time stood still. I had a Kundalini awakening over the next few days that left me in complete shock. I could not understand what was happening to me. I did not know even know about chakras or Twin Souls before this time. I began thinking about this man. I was confused and tearful the first few days. I was told he was my Beloved by a voice and that was why I was feeling him so much. I began to remember who he was through visions and dreams. I was also guided into meditation without knowing what I was doing. It was as if I was telling myself what to do. I had two very significant meditations. The first was when I was asking who he was. I was guided through colored portals into what I would describe another realm but I’m not sure. I saw the two of us together in different places. We’re always wearing white and we are in love..a kind of love that I can’t describe well with my words here. I could enter the body of myself that I was watching as an observer. I could go in and out of it. It completely changed my life.
        The second meditation I had was based on instructions given to me.
        I have had many experiences since then. It has been an incredible journey.
        Do you have any insight for me? I’ve been fumbling around researching but have never spoken to anyone about it all, except God.
        Thanks and love to you.


      2. Hi Renia, We may meet a soul connection particularly at the time of our Kundalini rising. There are many soul connections who we can co-create with in our lives. Our egos may be very strong during Kundalini rising as was in my case, and Kundalini can make any attraction very intense.
        When our Kundalini energy stabilizes and we have healed our emotionally wounds, we come to clearer understanding about these relationships. I hope this answers your questions. Blessings, Brooke


  3. As a fellow poet, I was inspired by what your heart sings and brings to life from the depths of your soul and spirit! So very refreshing, it was like being on a desert and needing a drink, and I tasted of your well. All of what you share, the messages, the poetry is such a genuine reflection of the wonderful spirit you are! I enjoyed your blog a lot! There is always a time for many things, and I just happened upon you! Awesome inspiring thoughts!


    1. Thank you for your very kind comments and support of my poetry. I am not really a poet as I only write what I feel and from my heart based on my spiritual experiences and journey. Thank you again for your thoughtful comments. Blessings of light, Brooke


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