Signs of Recovery through Awakening


When we are in the deep trenches of emotional recovery and inner spiritual work, we wonderful how do we know we are getting better? What are the signs of this recovery and how does it feel?    What are the indicators of healing?  I am sharing some of the signs of my personal experience with you here in this post.

The most obvious signs of emotional recovery is that we recognize the symptoms within ourselves of abuse, trauma, dependency, mental illness, and can identify negative patterns of behaviors, and those in our lives who perpetuate these negative patterns. We are all able to see flaws and problems in others, but we are usually unable to see our own.  It is awareness and for the first time, true clarity of who we really are and our own truths and reality.  We are able to identify emotional issues within ourselves by the reflection or mirror through others in our lives.  We gain recognition that our world around us is a mirror of who we are within.

After three years of “Emotional Release Practice” and “Observing Ego Practice,” both found at these tabs on my Blogsite Homepage,  I began to see significant changes in my responses to others.  This is the next major sign of recovery.  There are those in my life who trigger emotional trauma within me, some of these individuals remind me of my parents, childhood trauma, or reflect or mirror something negative within me.  My past reactions have been of fear or terror,  fleeing from this fear, and experiencing panic attacks, anxiety, and depression.

As a way of coping, I simply stayed away from these individuals.  Unfortunately, I was sent others into my life exactly like these individuals, just with different names and faces.  I would repeat this coping mechanism by running away from yet another person I encountered.  This cycle repeated for most of my life, until three years ago when I realized that this coping skill was simply not working in my life.  This is how most people cope with emotional pain and past trauma.

The next steps of recovery for me is to reunite with my parents and those in my life who have caused me pain and hurt through true forgiveness and acceptance of what happened to me. When I have healed my past trauma and emotional pain, I will no longer feel fear, anger, resentment, and trauma symptoms.  As an adult, I can defend myself, stand us for what I believe, and protect myself and empower others against abuse, aggressions, and transgressions.  May you find healing in your life. (Copyright 2014 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

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