Stabilizing Kundalini Energy


After raising our Kundalini energy, it becomes important to stabilize this energy.  When Kundalini energy is initially raised, we feel profound changes physically and mentally.  We experience strong vibrations in our bodies that feel out of control, physical pain from blockages in our energy body and chakras, hallucinatory visions, hearing voices, out of body experiences, intensified existing physical and mental illnesses, just to name a few.

When our Kundalini energy is raised, we feel like we are going crazy and that our world has been turned upside down. It becomes very important to stabilize this energy.  Grounding exercises are needed to ground the out of control Kundalini energy through deep breathing exercises, sitting or lying on the earth, energy exercises such as yoga, Chi Gong, or Reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture, walking in nature, and listening to quieting music.  Creative energy such as art, dance, and music are great ways of releasing this Kundalini energy. However, these are only temporary measures.

To permanently stabilize our Kundalini energy, we must transmute our vibrational frequency of our energy field to a higher frequency thereby moving the Kundalini energy from the lower chakras to the higher chakras.  This can be done by clearing our chakras and energy body of energy blockages, and releasing our egos that cause great fear by the dramatic changes to us physically and mentally.

Emotional release practice to deal with our past traumas and hurts will help clear the energy blockages as well, and releasing our egos through Observing Ego practice both will begin to stabilize our Kundalini energy.  Please see my tabs on “Emotional Release Practice” and “Observing Ego Practice” on my Blogsite Homepage for these practices.  Once we have stabilized our Kundalini energy through clearing our energy blockages in our chakras and energy body resulting in transmuting our vibrational frequency to a higher frequency, we begin to stabilize our Kundalini energy for a more stable and peaceful life. Sending healing love and light. (Copyright 2013 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

9 thoughts on “Stabilizing Kundalini Energy”

  1. As you mention elsewhere, many people experience a gradual rather than a sudden awakening, and the gradual type seem to have a much easier time of it. Also, my sense is that there are so many levels to kundalini experience and probably many, if not most persons, are experiencing only the relatively early stages of a many-stage process that unfolds over time, or life times.


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