Stages of Healing Emotional Pain



My journey of healing my emotional pain has given me some insights into this experience.  What I have found is that emotional pain is stored in our energy body, called the painbody.  This emotional pain is suppressed by most people, thereby creating layers of pain within our energy body.  For some of us, this pain is directed inward toward ourselves causing depression, anxiety, self doubt, self inflicted injuries (suicide, cutting, etc.), and other mental disorders, as well a physical ailments such as heart attacks, ulcers, head aches, and other more serious medical conditions.  This pain also can be directed outwardly towards others in the form of rage, anger, irrational behaviors, abuse of others, resentment, jealousy, envy, and even violence.

In order to heal this emotional pain, we must re-experience this pain from our past in our current life in a safe and nurturing environment that we can create for ourselves.  This technique is called “Emotional Release Practice” that I share on this tab on my Blogsite Homepage.  There are stages to healing this emotional pain and loss in our lives although we may experience them in a different order by different people. They are as follows:

Denial: During the denial stage, we are unwilling or unable to face this emotional pain and loss in our lives, so we avoid it. For me, this happened for a good part my life in that I could not feel the emotional pain although I consciously was aware of what happened to me during my childhood.

Anger: Once we overcome denial, we are face to face with the hurt or trauma in our lives from our emotional pain and loss.  We go through a period of blaming those who hurt us, or we may even blame ourselves for what happened, as this pain can be difficult to experience initially. Some of this anger may be directed outwardly towards those close to us.  Many may be uncomfortable with anger and may get stuck at this stage, and unable to move forward to healing their past emotional pain.

Bargaining:  During bargaining, we negotiate with a higher power to take away this emotional pain, or we may negotiate with ourselves to do anything else to avoid this emotional pain.  We may also negotiate with ourselves to re-experience this pain, so as to end this process as soon as possible.

Depression:  At this stage, we feel helpless and powerless and overwhelmed with sadness about the loss that we are experiencing that is at the root of our emotional pain. This is the stage we grieve for our loss that we must acknowledge, and let those close to us know that we are grieving.  This is the stage where we actually release the emotional pain we have stored in our painbody.   Just know that as with all emotions, this will pass with time.   

Acceptance: When we have completed the above stages where some of them may be repeated, we will finally come to acceptance of our loss, and the emotional, energetic, and physical pain within our painbody will be released.  We then will accept what this loss from our past has taught us and this experience that we were intended to have in our lives.  Finally, we will let go of our past, and find peace.

This is not an easy process to heal our emotional pain, and deal with our emotional loss in our lives, but it is an inevitable part of emotional healing, and well worth the time and effort.  When the emotional pain finally is released, we will experience a very different life and a peaceful existence.  May you find this peace in your life. (Copyright 2013 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

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