Steps in Overcoming Fear


Fear is the most limiting of all emotions, and most of us operate our lives based in fear without much awareness.  That is, our behaviors, reactions, and decisions are determined by our fears created by our past emotional pain, trauma, or abuse. Fear is a negative emotion created by our ego.  Therefore, we do not need to make our decisions based in fear, so we can behave, react, and decide for our lives what is best by our higher selves for our highest potential.  Fears also creates anxiety and depression and a host of other mental illnesses.  I wrote an earlier post, “Overcoming Fear,” that giving into fear is a choice whether consciously or unconsciously.

I am sharing the specific steps I use to manage and overcome my fears called, “Emotional Release Practice.” Please see this link for additional details. It goes something like this:

1)  The emotion of fear is generated within us triggered by a situation or incident in our current life.  These incidents in our current life trigger a past emotional pain or trauma raising specific fears within us as this is a normal human response. These fears may include fear of loss, fear of being unworthy, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of betrayal, etc.

2)  When these fears rise up within us, it feels like panic caused by our fight or flight response from biochemicals within the human body making us want to run from these fears.  This panic response brings terror, make us feel out of control, and make us run from this situation.  However, it is important to note that you are not in any true danger, since these fears are created only within your own mind.

3)  Try to stay calm, and observe this fear like you are watching a movie.  Do not judge it, do not believe it is real, and most importantly, do not react to it. That is, do not run, do not make any decisions, and do not feed this fear.

4)  Observe it rising within you, and in the beginning, you may need to tell yourself that this is only a fear, and it is not real danger you are experiencing.  Allow this fear to pass, and repeat this as many times as required for each rising emotion of fear.

5)  In the beginning, it will feel very difficult to do as the panic and the urge to run is overwhelming.  With each practice, it gets easier and easier, until one day, it becomes automatic, and an integral part of your emotional life.

Try this technique for a week and see how it can your change your life. You will feel more at peace with less chaos and crisis in your life, your decisions will be more thoughtful and better for you, and your behaviors will become healthier and more loving.  May you overcome your fears.  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

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