Surviving Kundalini Crisis

image The side affect of raising Kundalini is physical pain from excessive energy and blockages in our chakras from past emotional pain.  Managing this pain is a big part of surviving Kundalini.  I recommend that prior to raising your Kundalini is to do some emotional healing work, spiritual work, or psychological therapy work. Beware of what you are about to unleash within you! You cannot fully prepare for what you will face with raising your Kundalini, because each person’s experience is different.  Understand that once you raise it, it is irreversible!

The most important part of Kundalini is to accepting the process, and surrender to whatever will come.  When you fight it, you will experience terrible fear, anxiety, and sometimes, emotional and mental breakdown.  Many talk about being unable to function, work, or attend school. Here are some helpful links on:

Kundalini symptoms: Click HERE

Phases of Kundalini:  Click HERE

Managing Kundalini symptoms: Click HERE 

Proper Kundalini Diet: Click HERE

Kundalini Crisis Resouces: Click  HERE

Kundalini Guide: Click HERE

Good luck with your pain management and new Kundalini life.  (Copyright 2013 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

4 thoughts on “Surviving Kundalini Crisis”

  1. Hi. Is it possible to heal completely from this? I am having pain, frozen body, and I am an athlete! I hope this goes away soon. Please advise.



  2. I survived a kundalini experience in 1992. It was the most terrifying thing imaginable. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that kind of mental anguish. Over the years, I’ve understood some of the profound things that occurred during the experience itself, and the bizarre coincidences I experienced before and after.

    To be really honest I kinda wish I was more of a normal person who hadn’t experienced this kind of thing. It was like opening a Pandora’s box. Once opened, you can never unsee the things seen and understood, or at least gleaned from it.

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    1. Yes, my Kundalini rising also was quite a traumatic and frightening experience. I thought I was actually dying! Pandora’s box is open for me too, and there’s no going back. I only can keep moving forward, wherever it may lead. Blessings on your journey forward! Sending light and peace.


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