Healing through Love


Since starting my Reiki class several months ago, I have begun to help others with their healing through Reiki.  This weekend, I visited friends in another state.  I have not seen them in over a year, and I moved from there about three years ago.

One of my friends recently had a kidney stone attack and also was experiencing terrible headaches.  After we met for lunch, we walked to a nearby park. While lying down on a park bench, I began to move my hands over her left kidney where I sensed pain.  I could feel the agonizing pain around her kidney and urethra through which the kidney stone passed.   I also could feel her pain in her head and down her face.

After moving my hands around her body, head, and face, I was able to help subside the pain.  Because of all this pain, she held so much of her anxiety in her chest and stomach.  Slowly we worked through the pain and anxiety, and she told me that she felt numbness where she had originally felt pain, and was amazed about feeling better.

After helping her, I felt this rush of love for her, and such joy that I was able to help my friend through a difficult recovery.  I have another friend who recently gave birth, and will try Reiki with her to help her through her birthing recovery.  It is amazing that we can feel this overwhelming love for those we can help through their healing. (Copyright 2014 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

New Beginnings


Today can be the day of new beginnings,

Old feelings and stories fall away,

As they feel like stories of others.

The past seems far away,

As lotus blossoms bloom,

Rare and exotic.

The world feels lighter,

Anguish and pain fade,

While you move onto another experience.

Letting go of pain, the past, and the hurt,

Doesn’t mean letting go of those you love,

But change the lenses of how you see them.

Allow this mystery to rise within you,

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes,

To embrace the love deep within,

Loving unconditionally, selflessly, and gently,

Forever and always.

(Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

In Languid Night


My heart is at peace,

In languid night.

Awaiting serenity not far behind.

As I slumber, visions are clear,

My future unfolds,

In my hands I hold.

Fears far away,

Waving farewell.

No one can harm me,

And no one to tell.

It is not destiny or fate,

For all past hurts, I no longer hate.

The ghost of maiden,

Only an illusion.

Forever free, my own bondage abates,

Onto the horizon, my future awaits.

(Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Beyond Blame and Onto Healing

download (9)Recently, I have come to realize much about myself and the spiritual and emotional healing work that I have been doing.  When my Kundalini energy first rose in March 2011, I became acutely aware of being triggered emotionally by most people. After four years of emotional healing work, I have come to realize that I am triggered because of my own emotional wounds within me.  It was easier for me to blame those who triggered me for my pain and suffering. However as I heal, I have become aware that I would be triggered emotionally to become upset or distressed while others are not under the same situation.

My coping skill was to run and hide from people, but inevitably when I ran away from one person who triggered me, there would just be another right around the corner.  With each layer of healing, I am becoming less and less reactive.  However, there are still those in my life who trigger deeper wounds that I have not yet healed particularly in romantic relationship as they trigger deep wounds involving my traumatic childhood.

Another observation is that I accused others of entering my energy field without my permission, and I have come to realize that this energy that I feel is being created by me.  When I think about certain people, my energy would reactive differently, and I was really feeling my own energy reacting rather than someone else entering my field without my permission. This revelation has required me to take responsibility for my own energy, and what happens within my own field.

These experiences tell me that I must begin to take responsibility for my pain and suffering and what happens within my own energy field as they are related to the emotional wounds within me.  Ironically, these things don’t even have anything to do with the choices we make as it is inevitable that we must interact with others in life.  We will be triggered by different people with whom we interact, because we are walking around with these wounds within us.  Even when we perceive other’s entering our energy fields, we really are feeling our own energy reacting to a certain situation or person also as a result of our emotional wounds or feelings within.

These revelations have changed my perspective to begin searching for the answers within myself rather than seeking blame or answers externally through others.  No true healing will take place as long as we put the focus on the external.  May you find true healing in your life.  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

The Practice of Reiki


Recently, I decided to explore other avenues of healing.  A year ago, I attended a Reiki class to see how I would like it.  I had an extraordinary past life memory during the attunement process, but I did not feel ready to explore or share my energy with others at the time.

This time, my experience was very different in that I did not feel resistance or barriers with others as I earlier felt.  It all came very naturally to me.  When I felt a blockage somewhere in someone I was treating,  I could feel it in their energy field, but I also could feel their pain within my field.  As I worked on the blockage, I can feel the pain within my body dissipating, and I can feel the energy softening or releasing within their field.

I also sent thoughts of love, encouragement, support, compassion, or whatever that person seemed to need.  Because of the intensity of the process, I would take short breaks in between treatments.  Many stated that they felt better after treatment with me, that was a surprise to me as I have never practiced Reiki before.

I also received a treatment from the Reiki master who held my head in his hands.  At which time, I went immediately into a meditative state. During this treatment, I felt a massive download of information from the Universe while having an out of body experience as I floated above the sky looking down at the town we were in and the building we were in.  It was the most restorative and peaceful experience.

I believe that I was given this wonderful experience as my intentions are for my own healing and the healing of others.  I feel ready now to share my healing energy as I have healed sufficiently myself, and learned how to love myself.  Now, I am able to give love to others. Sending you healing love! (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Messages from Your Higher Self

45582ebb20628e452d4ab511fc7af503My most recent period of healing has forced me to ask many questions of myself.  At first, I was asking questions externally, but then I realized that I already have all the answers within from my higher self.

As I have written in the past, that when we are unhealed we will have very clear indications in our lives as certain patterns will repeat.  For example, if we have emotional wounds around relationships, certain negative patterns will appear in our relationships.  If we have unhealed wounds surrounding abundance, we will experience repeated financial problems.  You get the picture.

For me, the big struggles have been related to relationships, particularly romantic relationships as I have unhealed wounds involving my father.   The wounds I thought I had healed appear not to be so.  Repeated issues associated with distrust, jealousy, and feeling unworthy persist in my romantic relationships.

Recently, I asked my higher self why these issues repeat in my relationships, and the answer came to me that I have used the same modality and methodology in my healing work. I tend to fall back to methods that I have become familiar, and it is now time to explore other ways of healing.

The next step for me on my spiritual journey and emotional healing work is to end my current work and begin exploring other avenues of spiritual healing. May you hear messages from your higher self.  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Our Projections

th (3)Sigmund Freud considered that in projection thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings that cannot be accepted as one’s own are dealt with by being placed in the outside world and attributed to someone else. What the ego repudiates is split off and placed in another. Freud would later come to believe that projection did not take place arbitrarily, but rather seized on and exaggerated an element that already existed on a small scale in the other person. This is Wikepedia’s definition of psychological projection.

For this reason, much of what we see in the world may not be reality, but the projection of our thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings that cannot be accepted as our own.  This is placed in the outside world onto others, although it may exist on a small scale in the other person.  The most common projection is fear.  I have come to realize that fear of being hurt if we have been abused or traumatized may cause us to project this fear onto others around us.  We perceive other’s actions to intend to cause us injury and hurt.

I am trying to unravel the truth and reality in my life now to find out how much of my experiences are caused by my projections and how much of this is real. As I go through my day, I observe the events of my day without judgment or commentary.  Is this truly happening or have I projected my past abuse and trauma onto the current day event?  I hope to find some answers as I continue to explore my truth and reality. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Facing Karma


Many people deny that they are faced with their own karma. I am beginning to understand my own. I have lived many lives with hurt and pain that I have not forgiven and held a grudge. These reactions create negative karma and energy in our subtle energy bodies.

I have been stuck in this karmic cycle, and even with the same souls for many lifetimes. I am trying to get out of this crazy cycle. The difficult thing about karma is that we continue to create karma as we try to unravel existing karma with others.

Sometimes, there are many layers to unravel as I have found with certain souls I have encountered and re-encountered. As we forgive them for hurting us in the past, there are many more layers of pain and hurt to work through. As each layer is released, the subtle body becomes lighter allowing expansion and alternate outcomes.

I am trying to unravel this karma as these relationships are driven by ego. Ego points fingers outwardly calling others evil, crazy, and other judgmental name calling. Our higher selves do not judge others like this. When we begin to see our own actions in this light. We realize it is our smaller selves acting out of fear. May we all find a higher path, and overcome our own karma. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with all rights reserved)

Transmuting Kundalini Sexual Energy


Kundalini energy is sexual energy released when our Kundalini energy rises.  When Kundalini energy first rises from our sacrum, the sexual energy is very intense. It almost feels like sexual addiction, and we feel this urgent compulsion to release this sexual energy constantly.  After raising my Kundalini, my energy felt very sexual vibrating mainly in my root chakra.

The recent changes in my emotional landscape from my emotional release practice resulted in a transmuting my Kundalini energy from sexual energy to love energy.  Now, my energy field is very stable and quiet, and the energy feels very loving vibrations in my heart, or crown chakras.

Please see on my Blogsite tab under “Emotional Release Practice” for details. I believe that once we engage in ascension work, we learn self love and unconditional love transmuting our sexual energy to love energy.  When we are able to love ourselves, we then are able to love others. Sex or lust is not love, but is a fo rm of possession, dependency, and sometimes even aggression.  Sex or lust is needing to take from another, while love is giving to another.

Prior to changing our emotional landscapes, there are things that we can do to transmute sexual energy every day, such as exercise, creating art, playing music, listening to quieting music, dancing, long walks in nature, yoga, meditation, cooking, writing, journaling, and anything creative.  Sexual energy that is transmuted is known to create brilliance and genius.  Sending love and light!  (Copyright 2013 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)