Sexual Energy and Kundalini Rising


After reading about why monks and priests originally practice celibacy, I have come to some understanding about and the events leading up to my Kundalini rising.  The purpose of practicing celibacy is to use the energy that would be used toward sexual intercourse instead for higher spiritual ascension.  This sexual energy then is raised through our chakas to activate the pineal gland deep within our brains behind the third eye chakra, naturally awakening Kundalini that is sexual and life energy.

For six year prior to my Kundalini rising, I remained celibate.  During this period of time, I went through deep contemplation about my life. Why the events of my life had not worked out for me, and why I had remained stuck emotionally in a place of fear, anxiety, and depression everyday.  Our thought also is energy that can be used to manifest our intentions.

This use of my sexual energy normally involved in sexual intercourse was then channeled to higher spiritual use.  At the time, I did not practice spirituality, meditate, or even understand spirituality, since I was an atheist.  Therefore, at least for me, my Kundalini rising had less to do with the formal practice of spirituality, then my intentions for change and directing my sexual energy for higher spiritual purpose, although I was unaware of this at the time.

When we engage in sexual intercourse with another, and if that energy is used frivolously, then we have less sexual energy to use toward higher spiritual practice. Sexual intercourse as sacred union, on the other hand, is co-creation with another allowing the spiritual partners to unite through Divine love and union that is the most powerful spiritual energy. This post is not a condemnation or judgment of sex, but to understand how sexual energy is used and for what purpose. Love and light, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)