Our Neuropathways affect Spiritual Consciousness


With the advances in neuroscience, brain research as shown that physical wiring of the brain is effected by our thoughts moving through it. During periods of sustained attention, neurons will wire together to create neuropathways directly affecting what we experience in our lives.  Therefore, if our thoughts involve fear, worry, and doubt, then more neuropathways will wire together causing us to experience more of these feelings in our lives.

This is known as neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity,  and is defined as changes in neural pathways and synapses which are due to changes in behavior, environment and neural processes, as well as changes resulting from bodily injury.  Neuroplasticity has replaced the formerly-held position that the brain is a physiologically static organ, and explores how – and in which ways – the brain changes throughout life.

Therefore, in order to change our neuropathways, we must begin by changing our thoughts to compassion, kindness, and unconditional love. I have witnessed changes in people I have observed who have changed the course of their lives to more positive results in that they met their perfect mate, got the job in their chosen field, and found a community of friends they longed for.  The following posts provide specific methods and techniques to change our brain’s neuropathways as follows:  Rewiring the Hardwiring, Rewiring the Hardwiring II, and Rewiring the Hardwiring III.

These positive results began with changes in their thoughts, whereby their neuropathways began to change,  and resulted in concrete positive changes in their lives.  Along with these positive thoughts, practicing acceptance and surrender will bring further peace and bliss into ours lives.  It is wonderful to see that spiritual consciousness can be explained through modern science.  ~ Hope you find this helpful! (Copyright 2013 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Passage to the Other Side


As I journey on my path,

I gaze upon a far away land of peace and serenity,

There is where I shall find spiritual detachment and joy.

As I travel, I move ever closer to the vision in the distance,

Feeling myself moving through this barrier,

Toward spiritual freedom.

It is within my grasp,

For I just need to step into the threshold.

Feeling suspended without resistance,

Effortless and fluid as if through a membrane,

I voyage to the other side toward the unknown.

Who will be my companions there?

How will my future unfold?

I am irreverent.

In this passage, I do not feel alone or afraid,

Only with joyous anticipation of my future,

With knowing and tranquility within,

There, I shall find my higher self and recognize my soul.  ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2013 Kundalin Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Hope for Mere Mortals


In these past few weeks, I have renewed hope for our world.  I believe with the awakening of each person, we will overcome the terrible pains, fears, and hardships in our world.  I deeply believe that we can overcome as a specie, the terrible harms and pains that we have inflicted upon each other.  This belief may seem idealistic or even delusional to some.

My soul came into this world with this belief, but with my negative emotional and physical experiences, I lost hope. I could not see past my own the pains, fears, and hardships.  I felt sorry for myself, and dwelled in this sorrow. As I heal my wounds and see past my negativity, I believe that we all have good within us, even if some may appear evil outwardly. What these people experience are pains and fears within them, like me, they are unable to see past their own pains and fears. Do not condemn them for they cannot continue with their destructive behaviors and reactions.

There is a great collective consciousness moving toward a change, and those who refuse to accept this change will be left behind to wallow alone in their own sorrows and pains.  These individuals will become more and more isolated, separating themselves through their egos.  They will themselves feel separate, and the alienation will become self fulfilling.

I feel a great shift in our future as a specie through human evolution to greater understanding of each other, our world, nature, and our existence here.  There is no stopping this movement, and those who try will fail. I know this deep in my soul, and feel peace within knowing this. Be the part of this movement.  ~ Brooke (Copyright  2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Awaiting Rebirth


I know the feeling,

That rebirth will bring.

It is awareness of new sensations,

That we recall from long ago.

At the time of our soul birth,

Innocent and without suspicion.

I will feel anew with utter freedom,

From pain and suffering.

I pray for this day to arrive,

When all my dreams will come true.

I find myself at peace within,

Celebrating this new way of being.

Viewing my world from a fresh perspective,

Of the wise and knowing,

Fully experiencing what I am intended to understand. ~ Brooke

(Copyrights 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

True Essence


As winter turns to spring,

The scent of blossoms fill the air.

From the inner most of my soul,

I feel my true essence emerging.

My heart becoming whole,

With each day, full, exuberant, and blissful.

Knowing that whatever my life will bring,

I will feel content and have peace.

Worry is in the past and fear is no more,

Through this understanding,

I journey forward.

With only my visions to carry me,

And love in my heart to give.

Blessings will come my way,

For my destiny will bring me all that I wish. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Prisoner of My Own Mind


In prayer, I beseech the ego to let me go.

Let this torment end.

For I have blamed others for this pain,

And daily torture of fear and doubt.

I thought I could run from this,

But only to realize that it lives within me.

Anxiety and panic through thoughts of fear,

As a prisoner of my own mind,

I pray for guidance to unlock the cell.

Set me free to live my life.

The Divine, please hear my prayers.

For I long to live as a new woman,

Shedding my old clothes,

To walk ashamed in the world. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Heaven is Here on Earth


What is lost on those,

Who await heaven upon death,

Is that heaven in here on earth.

We are given these blessings of nature,

With tranquil breezes, fragrant flowers,

Vibrant colors, and brilliant seas,

Overwhelming the senses,

And arousing our bliss.

For we have been given these gifts,

That we have forgotten,

and fail to treasure.

Lost are we in the daily shuffle,

Of mundane chores and busy schedules.

Forgetting what is important,

Of who we are,

And where we come from.

Forgotten is our soul,

Until we come back to ourselves,

Through silent surrender. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)