Observing Ego Practice

As we progress in the ascension process, one of the major hurdles is ego loss.  Particularly those of us with Kundalini, we go through a period of ego inflation due to our heightened intuitive abilities and accelerated healing abilities.  Therefore, we must overcome this ego inflation or we become stuck in this stage called Spiritual Bypass.  In this phase, we neglect to address our ego due to our ego inflation when ego becomes more powerful.
Once we recognized ego’s control and power over us, we can begin to address ego’s insidious control of us. We observe our ego through our thoughts and behaviors.  How do we know when it is our ego or our higher self?
Ego – negative thoughts, need to always be right, need to control outcome, controlling others, judging, critical, put others down to feel better, need for attention or approval, attachment, codependency, destructive or abusive behaviors, inappropriate boundaries, need to validate self worth, hurting others for self gain, addictions, or compulsive behaviors.
Higher Self – positive thoughts, helping others, loving self, loving others unconditionally, feeling compassion, thoughts of kindness, selfless acts, feeling of self worth, high self esteem, connection to the Divine, feeling oneness with others, gratitude, acceptance, surrender, or living without expectations of outcome.
Once we have identified ego’s thoughts, watch these thoughts objectively like a third-party bystander.  Watch for our emotions rising within, since they will generally be fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, feeling slighted, or feeling negative about ourselves.  Do not react to these emotions, and allow them to pass. If you begin to react, tell yourself that you do not need to react to ego, and comfort yourself with a statement to counter this thought.  For example, your thought is that “someone doesn’t like me,” so your counter thought may be, “they do like me, but they are having a bad day.”  I have repeated this exercise dozens of times each day, in order to subdue my ego.
The more you do this exercise, the less the ego will act out. Remember that when our painbodies are active that is when others trigger our emotional pains or wounds, ego also will be more active.  In these circumstances, we just need to be more aware and may need to repeat this exercise more often.  Hope this helps!  Blessings and light to you. (Copyright 2013 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

10 thoughts on “Observing Ego Practice”

  1. I sense contraction by ego directives and expansion by higher-self somewhat and energized expansion beyond this with God-awareness (impersonal) and greater yet with God-awareness (personal) and greater yet with at-oneness. I am Christian, so you’ll have to accept the spirit of my terminology s best it may translate for you.
    ~ Eric


    1. Hi Eric, thank you for your insights and thoughts. I believe that the foundation of all religions are the same, and the concept of Christ Consciousness and Oneness is shared by all . Blessings of light, Brooke


      1. Thank you Brooke. There are areas of great controversy within Christian religions against the doctrine of the various churches. I am not a scholar of religions. I’m just doing what I can to make progress.
        God Bless is appropriate then it seems.
        Blessings of Light is perhaps very similar.
        I am fine with any blessing.
        ~ Eric


  2. I am fascinated with ego based behaviour versus that of the higher self, or as I often refer to it: heart based living. More and more I recognize the difference between the two in my encounters through out the day…including in myself!! Blessing to you sweet soul!


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